Policy shift is needed to meet new EV targets in Australia

As Australia aims to have 3.8 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030, governments at all levels must take swift action to encourage wider uptake.

With greater policy work, the target will remain a pipe dream, and the country will stay within its ambitious goal.


According to the Centre for Economic Development Australia, Western Australia has the fewest policies to incentivise electric vehicle take-up, with no subsidy for purchase, unlike all other jurisdictions, and one of only three states with no subsidy for ongoing costs. This lack of support for EVs in WA is a significant hurdle to achieving the 2030 target.


At Kingman EVC, we believe that customised EVC ecosystems are crucial to the solution to Australia’s electric vehicle challenge. Our ecosystems can include multiple chargers, shade structures, solar panels, vending machines, interactive screens, and other user-friendly additions. By providing a complete, customisable solution, we help make EV charging more accessible and attractive to drivers, which is vital to the growth of the EV industry.


We must focus on reducing other barriers to additional take-up of EVs, such as inequality of access. Fuel efficiency standards are another critical policy shift that would help boost EV uptake in Australia, as cars bought this year could still be on the roads in 2044.


Our customisable EVC ecosystems are an essential part of the solution, and we are ready to help drive the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Still, governments must work with the industry to incentivise EV uptake and make them more accessible and affordable to all Australians.

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