EVC Terms + Conditions

Standard Conditions

Payment Terms

Credit applications are available upon request for a 30-day trading account. These applications can take up to 2 weeks to process and approve. In the absence of an account any project with is subject to the below payment terms.


Non Account holders are required to pay a 50% deposit prior to commencement of artwork, ordering of materials or manufacture. Payment of the balance of the fees and charges is required before installation or dispatch of materials. For works under $500, full payment is requested at the time of order.


Payments are accepted by electronic funds transfer, cash or credit card. Credit Card authorization forms are available for this payment type. Invoices will be either posted or email to the client on receipt of job acceptance.


Accounts which are in arrears by 60 days are more will incur an administrative charge of $55 per month.


All legal costs (on a full indemnity basis), charges, duties and other expenses incurred by Kingman as a result of you failing to perform your covenants and obligations contained herein, shall be paid by you to Kingman.  The expenses include, but are not limited to, the commission payable to a mercantile agent or a debt collector to pursue or recover outstanding monies pursuant to these terms and the liability to pay this commission arises at the time the recovery is placed in the hands of the debt collector.   


Warranty Period

All Kingman Electric Vehicle Chargers (EVCs) are covered by the manufacturers 36-month warranty. Kingman EVC warrants for a period of 3 years following delivery and installation of the EVCs that the EVCs shall be free form defects in materials and workmanship.


All metal and paint workmanship is covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee; all additional materials and components in the quotation are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Fluorescent tubes, neon transformers and neon glass are not included in this warranty.


LED Module and LED transformer warranties are subject to individual manufacturer’s warranties. Please contact your account manager for details on the LEDs covered within your quotation.


Kingman Gel Lite Resin lettering is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee subject to installation procedures. Gel Lite lettering warranty is void when installed externally as this is not recommended.


Digital Signage warranty periods are subject to individual manufacturers’ warranties. Please contact your account manager for details on the model and warranty period covered within your quotation. Notwithstanding, Kingmans’ standard warrantee for all digital screens is 12 months unless stated otherwise on your quotation.


Our quotation does not include supply of electrical feed to sign location, time clocks, flashing units etc. as these must be must be carried out by a licensed contractor as specified by Western Power to Australian Standards AS/NZA 3000. This can be arranged through Kingman and should this be required, the additional costs are available on request.


Save for the warranties provided above, you acknowledge that no warranty or condition, express or implied, is given by Kingman as to the condition of the goods or as to the suitability or fitness of the goods and/or services.  Subject to the extent permitted by legislation any obligation of Kingman under these terms and conditions shall be to use its endeavours to supply goods and/or services or to repair or replace (at Kingman’s discretion) any goods which are found to be defective during any applicable warranty period (if any) and in no event shall Kingman be liable for any other claims, losses or damages including but not limited to claims for faulty design, negligence, negligent or misleading advice, damages arising from the loss or use of the goods or howsoever arising and any indirect, special or consequential damage including but not limited to damages on account of prospective profits expenditures or other commitments relating to your business or goodwill or on account of any consequential loss or damage incurred or suffered by you or your customers, which arises from or is connected in any way whatsoever with the use of the goods or injury to any person, corporation or other entity.



Any alterations to design or construction of fixing detail after artwork is approved or during manufacture must be communicated in writing by the client and will incur additional costs. This cost will be communicated to you by your account manager in writing.

Any artwork supplied by Kingman is owned by Kingman and cannot be copied or reproduced in part or full without written permission from Kingman. While in the preliminary stages of design, several drafts for your signs may be produced, and once the final design has been chosen, only the final design will be kept on our system. Any other drafts are the copyright of Kingman and will be deleted off our system. Kingman holds no responsibility in keeping artwork which has not been carried through to production.

Copying of copyrighted artwork can result in additional fees for artwork or other compensation.


Third Party Fees

Any council fees, engineers’ computations or charges other than specified within your quotation, will be charged as extra.


Fire Engineering

This quote does not include Fire Safety Certification nor the provision of a Fire Engineering Brief or Fire Engineering Report unless specifically stated and included within the quote.


Working Hours

All work is quoted for normal trading hours unless specified within the quotation and works required out of hours will be charged accordingly.


Services in Sign Location

It is your responsibility to ensure the sign location is free from electrical, plumbing or telecommunications obstructions and any damage that occurs as a result of lack of information will be at your expense. Kingman will conduct due diligence prior to every installation however any site scanning will be charged as a variation unless stated as an included item in your quotation.


Site Access

If security is required on site during any stage of a fit out, this cost has not been included within the quotation and will be charged as additional to you. Clear access to work areas may affect price and quality. Kingman cannot guarantee 100% quality on areas that are affected by other trades and existing trading conditions. We recommend prior consultation with Kingman to satisfy your concerns regarding scheduling of work.


Kingman will liaise with your representative to ensure the site is ready for our installation at least 1 day prior to attending site. If our installers attend site and cannot work due to other trades not completing their   works before ours, additional call out fees will charged and your account manager will communicate this at the time in writing.


Kingman will not be held responsible if insufficient clear workspace or drying time is provided.


Digital Printing – Colour

Please be aware that when matching existing digital prints, colour sometimes varies when printed at different times. This is due to atmospheric temperatures and humidity. There is a chance the colours may vary slightly if we have to match your existing signage. However, we will endeavour to get as close possible to the original. Should this be a problem, please contact your account manager prior to commencement.


Specific colour matching – At Kingman we endeavour to meet any colour specifications you provide to ensure your brand guidelines are met. Please be aware that all colours look different in different lighting conditions. A colour may appear correct in daylight but not correct in fluorescent lighting conditions. Please advise what kind of lighting we need to consider when matching your colours.


Digital Printing Installation

Wall Installation

Applying digital prints to walls freshly painted will only be warranted if the following conditions are met:

  1. Walls are to be prepared professionally by removing all gyprock dust, sealed and undercoated and finish coated;
  2. Walls are to be painted free of blemishes and bumps;
  3. Paints with Teflon (such as wash n wear) should never be used and will void all warranty;
  4. Walls must be painted a minimum of 7 days prior to print installation to allow for the paint to adequately dry.

Glass Installation

Digital print application to glass off-site is not warranted by Kingman. This is due to the number of people handling the glass once it leaves our factory. These include the transport contractor and glaziers. Once the glass arrives on site, modifications may be made by the glazier installers which prevents the graphics on panels lining up with the next. As neither the transport nor glaziers will offer guarantees for handling or artwork lining up, we have been forced to do the same.


We recommend that any graphics that are to be applied to glass be done so on site. In the instances where this cannot happen, we ask a representative of your company to attend our factory and sign off on the installation or alternatively a waiver. Should damage occur after the glass leaves our factory, costs for replacement or repairs will be charged accordingly.



Kingman Engineers reports exclude the structural soundness of all surfaces including walls, footings ceilings and roofs or any structure that a sign is fixed to. Accordingly Kingman accepts no responsibility for damage caused to a sign, premises, surrounds, vehicles or people, where the structure is found to be unsound.



You hereby in favour of Kingman charge with the due and punctual payment and the due, punctual and complete performance of all your liabilities and obligations hereunder or on any account whatsoever to Kingman all your legal and equitable interest of whatsoever nature held in any real property both present and future and each of you hereby consent to Kingman lodging a caveat or caveats noting their proprietary interest herein.


You grant a security interest in all of your present and after acquired property and in all of your present and future rights, title, estate and interest, whether legal and equitable, including in relation to any personal property including any debts owed to you, in favour of Kingman to secure the performance of your liabilities and obligations hereunder or on any account whatsoever.


You agree that a certificate by Kingman or any person authorised by Kingman to give the same shall be conclusive evidence as to the amount owed to Kingman by you. 


If any party to these terms comprises two or more parties each of those parties is jointly and severally liable on the covenants and obligations herein.


If any part of these terms becomes void or unenforceable then that part shall be severed to the intent that all parts that are not void or unenforceable shall remain in full force and effect.  If this document and/or these terms and conditions below are held to be a standard form small business contract then any clause or term which is deemed to be unfair pursuant to the Australian Consumer Law by any competent authority or the Courts, will be severed from this document and/or these terms and conditions.


None of the provisions of these terms will merge in or upon the execution of this or any other agreement, document, act, matter or thing and will continue to remain in full force and effect for so long as is necessary to give effect to the provisions of this agreement.


Where there is any inconsistency between the terms and conditions and any prior or subsequent agreement between Kingman and you, any such prior or subsequent agreement shall be read down to the extent necessary to give full force and effect to the terms and conditions of these terms. 


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