We use the latest technology to enhance your business using commercial screen displays, media players and eye catching content.

Kingman Visual have advanced digital signage and an audio visual department that is well versed in the worlds leading manufacturers and technologies.

This enables us to offer you the very best solution for your business. Whether your project requires a projection system, LCD screen or outdoor LED screen, Kingman Visual can design and tailor an electronic signage solution to meet your needs. Whether you are a large enterprise that requires digital content creation or management or a small business searching to stand out from the crowd. We supply end-to-end digital signage and audio visual solutions. We also have a range of “standard” digital signage & digital kiosk solutions.

We have the capabilities to supply one unit or 100. Static display’s or touchscreens which can be controlled via basic USB plug and play or operated from your head office in another state in Australia.

Digital screens are now commonly found in retail and commercial buildings including restaurants, department stores, hotels, retail stores, and even corporate buildings and especially educational facilities such as schools and universities. These assets can give your business a significant competitive advantage.

Digital signage technology allows for a great deal of flexibility. Unlike traditional forms of advertising such as prints or static signs, digital sign content can be changed on the fly. We also offer full content creation and management so if the thought of learning how to use this medium is too daunting, we can manage this for you, remotely from our offices in Malaga.

As digital technology changes, we will keep you up to date through regular blogs and training. From FAQ’s, to illustrating how you can earn extra income by selling advertising space, our blog’s cover it all. Be sure to check out our blog page for the latest digital news or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where we always keep you up to date.

Electronic Signs Perth

Digital screens are an invaluable asset that could add value to your business and increase brand awareness. They serve numerous applications in branding and communications and can be used to display:

  • Local news updates
  • Sales Information
  • Social Media RSS Feeds
  • Pricing details
  • Featured items
  • Directions
  • Traveller information

This is only a short list of how digital signage can be used to enhance your brand in the marketplace. Content is controlled from a CMS and delivered by media players to your screen assets. Our in-house digital team are here to help train you and available for ongoing support, so your screens and content enjoy maximum uptime.

Electronic and programmable digital signage adds a modern touch and is an investment that ultimately pays off. Digital screens are also much more cost-effective as you can easily change content, saving on printing and construction costs for static signs.

Digital screens and their content are designed to enhance your written communications to both customers and staff.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Digital screens can be used to complement web-based and written communications to your customers.

Attract New Customers: Digital screens are a perfect advertising medium that can be leveraged to attract new customers to your business.

Increase Brand Awareness: Digital screens can be strategically placed in locations around Australia promoting your business.

Enhance the Environment: The addition of digital screens makes a business environment visually appealing and inviting.

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