Solar Noise Barriers

Unmatched Sound Protection— Reflect, Absorb, Insulate

Generate renewable energy with Photovoltaic Noise Barriers (PVNB)— the acoustic performance of traditional noise barriers combined with the benefit of solar power.

  • High-Performing Solar Power
  • World’s First Sound Absorptive Solar Noise Barriers
  • Customizable PVNB Options

Mitrex Photovoltaic Noise Barrier (PVNB) is an ideal alternative to traditional noise barrier walls as they generate power while maintaining the original function—minimizing sound to surrounding areas with reflective or absorptive barriers.

Typical noise reflective barriers are made of high-density materials such as brick, concrete, or metals. These dense materials reflect the sound energy to the opposing side of the noise barrier wall and surrounding areas. In contrast, absorptive sound barriers dissipate the sound with low density, porous materials such as concrete and foam.
Mitrex Reflective PVNB panels are designed with a special acoustic interlayer that minimizes sound transfer.

Depending on requirements, Mitrex reflective PVNBs can be customized and designed up to STC 40. For a noise barrier to be considered absorptive, the Sound Absorption Average (SAA) or Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) must be greater than 0.70. Mitrex Absorptive PVNBs feature an SAA or NRC of 0.80+. Not only is the function maximized, but there are added benefits of energy and design.


Unlimited Engineering Capabilities

Mitrex PVNBs are designed for ease of installation. The unitized structure of the PVNB allows for an instant, single-drop installation, making it simple for any site or client need.

We constantly partner with companies to bring solar technology into infrastructure with our innovative products and easy installation methods. Let Mitrex PVNB pave your way to a sustainable, carbon-neutral future.

Design Options

PVNB—Designed to Fit Your Needs

Reflective or absorptive, Mitrex PVNBs can be designed to be semi-transparent or opaque designs with high customisability.

Mitrex offers PVNBs with reflective and absorptive properties in virtually any design imaginable, including opaque or transparent, with any design, colour, pattern, or shape. Mitrex absorptive PVNBs can even feature a transparent noise absorptive technology with high light transmission to allow consistent power generation. This is the world’s first transparent sound absorbing highway noise barrier—meaning that the clear solar glass can produce energy while still absorbing sound from roadways.

Sustainable Applications

Sustainability for Any Application

From roadways to highways, railway tracks, bridges, and more, Mitrex PVNBs expand energy generation to infrastructure in any location or orientation.


Mitrex PVNBs open energy generation to any surface by integrating solar technology into infrastructure. They generate solar energy and supply it to surrounding infrastructure, including traffic lights, local facilities, EV charging stations, and more.


Unparalleled sound insulation combined with power allows for the decentralization of energy from the high-carbon grid with renewable options. Maximize functionality and design without sacrificing on energy or sound protection with Mitrex.

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