LED Screens

LED screens add value as a communication tool and are suited for both indoor and outdoor displays. HD LED screens provide superior picture quality to LCD screens. They are fully modular, and can be assembled to fit any size or application, including a circular configuration.

Unlike traditional screens, LED screens have no edges, creating the opportunity to assemble video walls that scale to any size. Your content will display seamlessly without breaks or interruption.

This technology allows the user to deliver 2D and 3D content as well as anamorphic 3D displays, where objects appear to literally jump out of the screen.

Modular LED displays allow you the flexibility to build scalable video walls which are long lasting, more durable and have full HD picture quality.

An LED transparent screen is a modular screen that is placed behind a display window and used primarily in retail.

When the screen is switched off, it is fully transparent; when content is being streamed to the screen, it becomes a high-quality display.

The features of transparent LED’s are high quality resolutions that are generally full window height up to 3m and can literally turn the glass frontage on any building into a glass wall display.

Transparent window displays act as a privacy screen when displaying content, but when switched off, allow natural light to shine through.

LED glass

Why reprint posters every time you want to change your content? Simply add new content to the CMS and upload remotely in a flash.

LED glass posters are designed for retail and hospitality and provide a classy format to display products. In essence it’s a transparent electronic poster.

Posters are both light and easy to install and your content can easily be changed through a mobile app or remotely via CMS.

LED glass adds class to your establishment and projects your content in a clean, professional way. Change content in a flash as opposed to reprinting posters.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

This is never more true when customers or staff enter your building, shopping centre or business premises through glass sliding doors.

We replace the glass with an LED glass display and turn your entrance into a brand statement. Ideal for corporates and shopping centres, and anywhere you want to enhance your brand.

LED glass doors provide your business with a unique point of difference and a great opportunity to promote your brand or product to your target audience.

A glass barrier comes complete with a balustrade and is ideally suited for airports, shopping malls and stadiums. LED glass barriers can transform large traffic areas, providing advertising and promotional space in a professional manner. Barriers are ideal for promotions and introducing new stores or products to your target audience.

As with all LED glass signage, we turn static glass into an electronic display. Glass surfaces are anti-stain, eco-friendly and easy to clean. With content changed on the fly and delivered remotely, we can even control energy usage and schedule your barrier to turn on and off at specific times of the day.

LED glass barriers are manufactured with double sided, laminated, shatterproof, tempered glass panels. They are built to last, delivering 100,000 hours of operation.

Display panels are ultra-transparent LED displays that can be used in retail, shopping centres, airports and public spaces.

Ideal for wayfinding as it can be ceiling mounted and is very attractive. Its key advantage over core signage is the ability to change your content as required.

These high-tech LED panels are also suitable for emergency services and regulatory signage.

With a cloud-based CMS to deliver your content, these glass panels are light, transparent and easy to maintain.

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