EVC Software integrations

As a CPO (Charge point operator) Kingman EVC’s team are fully equipped with a range of software solutions that include platform management, payment management, and digital signage software for our Apollo Charger.

Kingman EVC’s software solutions are all cloud based and managed remotely by our technical team. Customer log-in areas are provided for you to analyse data per charger and provide valuable insights to tweak and grow your EVC offering over time.

Kingman EVC Management Platform

The Kingman Cloud management platform covers a wide range of applications that a professional CPO requires to manage hundreds of charging stations remotely.

The features include

  • Load balancing
  • Billing
  • Remote maintenance
  • And data analysis

Developed exclusively for Kingman by world class software development house Ampeco, the Kingman Cloud platform supports self-healing algorithms and allows for 24/7 real-time issue detection. This means the majority of EVC faults can be resolved remotely with the auto-fault recovery feature. The Kingman Cloud platform allows for powerful custom integrations with multiple billing platforms and allows us to optimize load balancing to minimise maintenance and kWh costs.

With a client log-in, this platform provides valuable real-time data to Kingman as well as our customers.

Kingman EVC App

To allow EV users to interact with Kingman EV chargers, Ampeco has developed the Kingman App. This great looking App seamlessly allows the EVC user to communicate with the charger allowing multiple options:

  • Set charge times
  • Sms communication when the charge session is completed
  • Seamless payment through the onboard payment gateway.
  • Invoice provided to the user.

All Kingman EVC charging stations can be located using the global Plugshare App which covers every EV charging station globally. It provides the user with amazing information like:

  • Address
  • Charger types and capacity
  • And are chargers currently available, in use or out of order.


Kingman has partnered with Embed Signage to drive advertising content. It is equipped with a beautiful visual content builder, and a content management system which is user-friendly and fully equipped with intelligent integrations that work seamlessly with our Apollo charger.


  • Responsive layout design
  • Multi-device platform support
  • Interactive touch layouts
  • Multi-media file support
  • Advanced device management
  • Flexible content scheduling
  • Rules on content for: days, dates, times, weather states, temperature, wind speeds and device connectivity
  • Unlimited users, roles and groups
  • Plugins and Widgets to enhance standard features.

APP Free Payment Solutions

As more and more CPO’s enter the EVC eco-system the EV user is faced with the dilemma of downloading multiple Apps. At Kingman EVC we provide the simple alternative of adding a Nayax cashless payment system to our EVC’s.

Nayax is a payment software solution for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. It is designed to allow EV users too easily and securely pay for their charging sessions without the use of an App.

The Nayax payment software system includes a variety of different payment options, such as credit card, debit card, and mobile payments. 

The software also includes a variety of security features to protect against fraud and unauthorized transactions. This includes encrypted transactions, tokenization, and fraud detection algorithms.

In addition to payment processing, the Nayax software also includes a variety of management tools to help EV charging station operators monitor and manage their stations. These tools include real-time monitoring of charging sessions, reporting and analytics, and remote management capabilities.

The software is also equipped with a customer portal that allows EV owners to view their charging history, manage their account and access the charging stations.

The Nayax payment software is designed to be easy to use and integrate with a wide range of EV charging stations and hardware.

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