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Kingman Visual is pushing the envelope on window glazing films. Merging traditional films with digitally printed graphics and cut out design features, Kingman Visual can create unlimited innovative designs that are both cost effective and excellent for advertising your business.

Whether it is traditional frosted graphics you require, digital print,  one way vision, privacy film or safety decals, Kingman Visual’s team of experts will help you create a graphic that suits your building and your brand.

We have a dedicated part of our website to a new design range. Click here to see these standard designs and download our brochure

We are the largest signage company in the Perth area with more than 55 staff, made up of project managers, graphic designers, fabrication specialists, steel fabricators, sign installers, and graphic designers. We are experienced in finding both long and short term signage solutions for your business. Many of our clients are so satisfied that they continue working with us for all their signage needs.

Reasons to Use Window Glazing Films

There are a number of reasons why our clients choose to install window glazing on their glass storefronts or windows. These are some of the benefits of window glazing:

  • Provides extra privacy
  • Covers direct sunlight to reduce heat
  • Can be partially clear so it doesn’t fully block the great view from your window
  • Ideal place for advertisements
  • Creates a sharp, professional look
  • Serves as a decoration to make your store appear more interesting

Types of Window Graphics

Traditional Frosted Graphics: Traditional frosted graphics are a calm and cool way to add some appeal to your windows, and are great for adding design patterns, covering a room partially for extra privacy, or subtle branding. Frosted graphics are commonly used to create a small or large band over your windows, featuring your company logo and adding a touch of professionalism.

Frosted graphics can also be used to create innovative effects like flowers or bubble lettering that covers your windows for a unique appearance without blocking sunlight or making your advertisement too bold. It is a great way to make people take notice of your windows and add a touch of personal character to your business.

Digital Print: Digital print is an effective, modern way to draw attention to your windows. Many modern advertisements are digitally printed on a wide range of materials including vinyl, polyester, and non-slip laminations that can be easily affixed to and removed from your windows so you can change the look whenever necessary.

Advertisements that are digitally printed can cover windows with wide dimensions. They can be either entirely coloured or partially clear, depending on the look you wish to achieve. Partially clear digital prints are a popular choice as they let plenty of sunlight into your store or office without blocking the view while still offering a complete advertising solution.

Our graphic designers, sign installers, and project managers have been in the business for dozens of years. Our team works closely with each of our clients to evaluate their needs and provide the window glazing signage solution that is best for their business.

One Way Vision: One way vision window films are an innovative way to let you advertise your business with bright, vibrant colours while providing you with total privacy. When looking at these films from the outside, customers will be able to see the printed advertisement and graphics representing your business. The graphics are clear from the inside, allowing for full visibility.

There are many applications for which one way vision is the best solution. Buses and storefronts can be covered entirely from top to bottom including the doors and windows, without compromising the ability of passengers or customers to see the outside world.

This is a great solution from both the inside and outside. Inside, customers won’t be distracted by noticeable hanging advertisements. Outside, you will have larger dimensions on which to advertise your product.

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We have been in the signage business for over 29 years and are still passionate about providing you with exceptional and hassle free signage solutions. We offer a wide and customizable range of products and services to meet your industry needs and are committed to providing modern solutions including window glazing.

We have a highly knowledgeable team of graphic designers, sign installers, and project managers on hand to help you tackle any project. We are one of the largest signage companies in Western Australia with over 55 employees. Our clients are located throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We work closely with you to understand your business and unique needs when developing your window graphic solutions. We will consult with you on your goals and ensure that our team helps you build and install the right solution for your brand.

Contact us to start discussing your window needs today. Investing in window graphics is a great way to increase the visual appeal of your business and raise brand awareness.

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