Solar Facade

Embracing Renewable Energy

Aesthetic design, solar energy production, and energy efficiency did not always go together until Mitrex was born.

  • Unlimited Colours and Patterns
  • Standard Installation Methods
  • New Construction and Retrofits
  • Lightweight Systems

BIPV Cladding System

Building-Integrated Solar Facades

Mitrex Solar Facades use the power of the sun to produce clean electricity. In addition, these products feature various backing systems, allowing for lightweight, high-strength panels.


Mounted on top is a layer of solar cells fixed with a customisable facing, recreating any pattern or color while allowing for energy generation. These panels also provide thermal resistance in addition to exterior noise control while ensuring durability and safety.

Mitrex cladding panels are an energy-efficient solution for both existing and also new facades. Particularly from design and building perspectives, Mitrex BIPV systems have limitless applications. Furthermore, these panels transform typical, single-purpose building materials into multi-purpose cladding that acts as an energy generating building envelope.

Aesthetic Energy Generation

Customisable Designs and Patterns

The adoption of solar panels as BIPVs (Building-Integrated Photovoltaics) or BAPVs (Building-Applied Photovoltaics) has been limited due to poor designs and limited choices. As mentioned, a significant advantage of Mitrex BIPV and BAPV panels is that they are entirely customizable. Therefore, the products can achieve the look of any surface material, pattern, texture, or image desired, including granite, porcelain, brick, wood, or customized graphics. Accordingly, we achieved this through an innovative surface treatment that fuses the pattern to solar glass, creating a durable, fade-resistant surface. Significantly, these surfaces are self-cleaning, allowing for maintenance-free operation. And because the panels are frameless, in that they are mounted and wired through the back of the panel, they look exactly like traditional edge-to-edge composite cladding panels. Although applying colors and patterns to solar glass affects light transmittance, the dramatic increase in design options will result in a net-positive outcome for solar panel adoption. This is because architects gain the freedom and confidence to include integrated solar products into their designs. Further, Mitrex is committed to balancing innovation and efficiency by using various patterns to conceal solar technology while maximizing the energy output. Additionally, we invest a significant percentage of our resources into improving the efficiency of our products. The truly revolutionary aspect of our product is the amount of input that architects and designers have. Thus, our products will make it convenient for architects to incorporate solar technology into their designs by giving them the power of choice in color, size, and system design.

Superior Installation

Compatible with Standard Installation Systems

Our Solar Facade systems are quick and easy to install. In addition, we provide complete installation services through our in-house and certified partners, including insulation, panel mounting, electrical connections, and finishing the facade. More importantly, our automated and equipment-based install services allow for a minimal disturbance on the job site.


From Pre-fab Walls or embedding into curtainwalls and window walls, our superior cladding solution has been incorporated into renowned and monumental projects around the globe.


Mitrex even offers solar rainscreen panels, ready-for unitized or stick curtainwall solar cladding, ready-for window wall installation, slab-to-slab connections (comparable to precast concrete systems), and insulated solar wall panels. Furthermore, all the products are made in Canada under one manufacturing plant.

Any Structure

Limitless Applications for New Builds and Retrofits

The sky is the limit to implementing Mitrex solar technology into buildings applications; the facade is just the beginning. As mentioned, Mitrex technology is suitable for new builds and renovations of any kind, including deep retrofits and recladding projects. The limitless applications of Mitrex products include high-rise buildings, sports centers and shopping malls, health and institutional buildings, warehouse and logistic centers, single-family homes and subdivisions, transportation and storage facilities, agricultural and industrial buildings, and even data centers. In fact, we can all contribute to the fight against climate change and reverse what we have done to nature while having a superior material on our buildings that lasts for generations to come. There is no compromise!

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