EVC Ecosystems

At Kingman EVC we bring 35 years of fabrication and sign manufacturing experience to our innovative EV charging stations.

Shade structures for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people adopt electric vehicles. These structures provide a covered area for EV owners to charge their vehicles, protecting them from the elements and making the charging experience more pleasant.

Shade structures for EV chargers can also be customised to meet specific design requirements, such as matching the aesthetics of a building or incorporating branding or advertising.

Kingman EVC’s design team and our fabrication and sign manufacturing facilities can produce any design or structure built to suit your location. We can add seating, solar panels, vending machines, interactive screens, electric scooter charging and much, much more.

Kingman offers a complete turn-key solution for your EVC environment, providing your end users with the most convenient and comfortable charging experience. Kingman has a team of designers with the in-house capabilities to design, fabricate and install a complete architectural structure to add value to your EVC investment.

Come and visit our factory, charge your EV, and experience our unique charging solutions. The possibilities are endless as we partner with you and “Charge into the Future”

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Charge into the future!

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