Kingman EVC to help drive W.A.’s transition to Electric Vehicles

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is rapidly growing across the globe, and Kingman EVC is here to provide the potential for Western Australia to follow.


In order for the state to fully embrace this new technology and see the benefits it can bring, it is crucial that more EV chargers are added to the infrastructure. The launch of Kingman EVC is set to advance the move to net zero emissions in W.A.


One of the key barriers to the widespread adoption of EVs is a lack of reliable chargers and charging stations. Consumers are becoming hesitant to purchase an EV because they are worried about being stranded with a dead battery due to the lack of charging stations. The limited number of stations in WA means that EV owners often have to plan their trips carefully and even go out of their way to find a charging station. By adding more charging stations, we help address this concern and make EVs more appealing to consumers.


Adding more EV chargers lead to greater demand for EV’s which will in turn lead to more jobs in the EV industry, as well as economic growth. Furthermore, it will also encourage more EV manufacturers to target WA creating competition, drive prices down and make them more accessible. The advent of a second hand EV market in the future will drive growth even further.

Pictured above, two of Kingman EVCs chargers within our ecosystem at our factory in Malaga.


Of course it’s also important to note that adding more EV chargers will help to improve the state’s sustainability efforts. EVs produce zero emissions when in use, which means increasing the number of EVs on the road, the state will be able to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. It is clear that adding more EV chargers to the West Australian infrastructure is important in order to fully embrace the benefits of this new technology. It will help to alleviate concerns about range anxiety, boost the EV industry in the state, and improve sustainability efforts.


The time to act is now, and it’s important to invest in the EV charging infrastructure to support the growth of the electric vehicle industry in Western Australia.

At Kingman EVC, it’s about much more than chargers. We have taken a keen interest in user experience (CX) and have created EVC Eco-Systems to provide outstanding user charging experiences to keep your customers and employees coming back for more. Join us for a guided tour of the latest and greatest in electric vehicle charging technology.


Our experts will showcase a range of chargers from our range of AC and DC fast chargers and discuss the benefits of each model. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the future of transportation and how your company can be a part of it.

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