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Kingman's talented team

The team at Kingman is made up of a mix of talented industry experts. From passionate account managers to talented designers and a huge variety of steel and signage fabricators. The diversity at Kingman is like no other, and we are so proud to all be under the same roof, at our state of the art factory in Malaga. Kingman has full control of every project from start to finish.

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Gender Balance
at Kingman
Industry Experts
Based right here in WA

The big K family

Norman Asch

Chief Executive Officer

Renee Kingman

Chief Revenue Officer

Andrew Hinks

Chief Operating Officer

Jacques-Benoit Jean-Louis

Chief Financial Officer

Louise Gettingby

HR Officer

Paula Hulse

Accounts Administrator

Paulette Masson

Front Office

John Mann

Senior Account Manager

Jeremy Herdman

Senior Account Manager

Steven Park

Senior Account Manager

Paula Huntly

Senior Account Manager

Reno Burkhardt

Account Manager

Vivian Phyu

Sales Estimator

Janine Hinds

Project Manager

Kerryn Cordina

Project Manager

Leigh Taylor

Project Manager

Anick Fraser

Sales Operations Team Leader

Shayne Huntly

Sales Operations Coordinator

Tanika Bates

Sales Operations Coordinator

Dave Ryes

Head of Digital Solutions

Fabian Delabarra

Digital Tech Support

Jeanne Pinon

Sales Operations Digital

Louise Kenny

Digital Content and Marketing Manager

Kim Leiper

Marketing Coordinator

Mundawae Sanderson-Green

Factory Manager

Robbie Rullo

Production Manager

Carolyn Cotter

Production Administrator

Paula Spouge

Production Admin Assistant

Robert Lees

Production Draftsman

Matthew Marshall

Production Draftsman

Darek Peszel

Design Manager

Morne Petzer

Graphic Designer

Robert Doherty

Graphic Designer

Trine Larsen

Graphic Designer

Dave Young

Steel Fabricator

Luisito Pasiculan

Sign Fabricator

Jerome Pasiculan

Sign Fabricator

James Pol Pangindian

Spray Painter

Jaime Jim Pangindian III


Brooke Dunstan

Trade Assistant

Mick Conroy


Aleck Maddern

Sign & Graphics Apprentice

Ben Wickes

Trade Assistant

Barnaby Ball

Trade Assistant

Ben Dean

Trade Assistant


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