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Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film has come a long way from the simple privacy films commonly found in interior spaces a decade ago. Today, Kingman leads the way in custom glazing and architectural films that are designed to complement your interior space and tie in with your branding and interior finishes. Our decorative window films come in a variety of different styles. From basic privacy film to opaque and frosted glazing film.

Due to this increase in demand for something unique and fresh, we have developed a standard range of contemporary designs to give customers a starting point when choosing their window graphic solution. From there, each of our designs can then be easily modified to reflect the individual personality of your brand and space. From simple patterns that elevate a space to privacy film with 3M Fasara Glass finishes to completely blocking out a room, we do it all.

Advertise Your Business with Custom Frosted & Glazing Window Film

Merging traditional architectural films with digitally printed graphics and cut out design features, Kingman can create unlimited innovative designs that are both cost effective and excellent for advertising your business. Whether it is traditional frosted glazing and graphics you require, digital print, one way vision, privacy film or safety decals, Kingman’s team of experts will help you create a graphic that suits your building and your brand.

There are a number of reasons why our clients choose to install window glazing films on their glass storefronts or windows. These are some of the benefits of window glazing:

  • Provides extra privacy
  • Covers direct sunlight to reduce heat
  • Can be partially clear so it doesn’t fully block the great view from your window
  • Ideal place for advertisements
  • Creates a sharp, professional look
  • Serves as a decoration to make your store, building or office appear more interesting

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