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The Kingman Group is the proud supplier and installer of the Siemens range of high quality, AC and DC Electric Vehicle Chargers in W.A. S. A. and the N.T.

Siemens chargers were designed to meet the growing global demand for electric vehicle infrastructure and have been installed in over 100,000 locations globally. Building on our 35 years of metal fabrication and design experience, we have created EV charging eco-systems to compliment the superbly sleek and modern design of Siemens EV chargers.

Seize the opportunity to get ahead of the curve and install EV chargers for your business with Kingman.

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We’re Joining the Ranks of EV Charging Station Companies

At Kingman Group, it’s not just about the chargers – we have taken a unique approach to EV chargers for businesses in Australia by integrating them into our EV charging station designs and eco-system solutions.

We look at it from a Customer Experience perspective, with our primary objective being to provide the best CX possible for the end user. We practice what we preach and have manufactured and installed our own EV charging station with the consumer in mind.

If you’re interested in, an EV Solution for your business, we can fabricate and custom-build environmentally friendly charging eco-systems for you that can provide shade, solar, seating and much more. Add a unique end user experience along with an eco-friendly architectural statement to wow your visitors and promote your environmental credentials.

A complete range of certified EV chargers for businesses is available, including the Apollo, featuring a fully integrated 55” digital screen, which has the flexibility to communicate with your users and drive advertising to promote your brand.

Explore our range of EV charging solutions below, which can be tailored to your unique requirements.

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The Apollo EV charging station design includes built-in digital screen display, which provides the perfect platform for advertising. 


Kingman uses world class software applications to manage costs, billing, scheduling and much more.


Our technical team will take care of all the scary stuff. From the discovery and analysis of your property to electric car charger installation and everything in between.

Kingman offer a range of EV charging solutions, including shade structures we call the Oasis.

A Next Generation EV Charging Ecosystem & Advertising Platform


Generate Ad and Charging Revenue 24/7


Explosion proof toughened Glass Screen and remote Auto system shut off


The Apollo includes a 55” Panasonic screen to engage with your customers


Remote Cloud management platform and fault detection


Fitted fan for temperature control to +55 degrees C


Dual 7 kw/ 22kW up to 800 kw charging outputs in either AC or DC format

Our Range of EV Chargers for Businesses

Kingman has introduced Siemens EV chargers to the W.A., S.A., & N.T. markets. With level 2 AC chargers from 7 kW to 43 kW, and DC chargers from 50 kW to 800 kW, we can provide a complete range of chargers for commercial EV applications.

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