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Kingman offers you a complete digital signage solution with the latest technology in screens, fully supported with content, tech support and analytics software that will elevate your brand. From branded electronic signs to digital menu boards, our Perth team will deliver a bespoke digital solution that compliments and enhances your core signage. 

If you have a wide expanse of windows in a high traffic area that is not turned into a display in the evenings, that is a massive opportunity missed. Converting window space into digital displays is a must. Imagine turning a mass of window space, an entire floor or building into your own private giant billboard.

If you are involved in Change Management and culture change in business, well that’s a tough gig and effective communications lies at its core.

At Kingman, we will challenge you to think differently about how to engage your customers and employees, and the technology you use to do it.

We will craft captivating and compelling content and digital solutions that will increase brand awareness, turn your consumers into customers and your employees into brand ambassadors.

Our cloud based digital media platforms deliver our world class content with unlimited scalability, reliability and low deployment costs, all matched with a snappy tech support experience.

We are Kingman and we are here to elevate your digital experiences.

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