General FAQ’s

Q: How long? How far? How much?

A: This is dependent on your vehicles charging speed. Typically for every 10 minutes charging using an AC charger, you should get between 30km and 50km of range at a cost of approximately $3.50 at a 7kWh charging speed. 

Q: How much and how long to “fill up”?

A: That depends on the charging speed and battery capacity of your vehicle, for a typical 7kWh charging speed for a 39kWh battery, making use of a Kingman 3-phase Electric Vehicle Charger will take 9.5 hours for a full charge, at an approximate cost of $19.50

Q: How does the charger know what my battery capacity is?

A: The software in your vehicle talks to the Electric Vehicle Charger and the Charger adjusts the supply accordingly.

Q: Can the charger damage my battery?

A: No, through constant communication between the Vehicle and the Electric Vehicle Charger, the flow of electricity is regulated and adjusted based on your battery capacity.

Q: What’s the difference between an AC and DC charger?

A: An AC charger supplies electricity to your EV’s on-board converter which then converts that power for your battery, to DC. The conversion speed is dependent on your converters rating. A DC charger on the other hand supplies electricity directly to the battery and bypasses the on-board converter and hence can charge your battery at a faster rate, but at a higher price per kWh.

Q: Does the weather effect charging times?

A:  Yes, it does. Charging takes longer in very cold or very hot conditions.

Q: Does a smaller battery charge faster?

A:  No. That depends upon the charging capacity of your EV. But smaller batteries like smaller petrol tanks, are quicker to “fill up”.

Q: Can I start my car and leave the aircon on when its charging?

A: That depends on your vehicle. Some EV’s will allow you to access the climate control, and some will not. Please refer to your manual.

Q: Can someone remove my plug when my vehicle is charging?

A: No, not when it’s charging. Your vehicle automatically locks the charger to your car. However, if your vehicle is 100% charged, the vehicle will release the plug, and anyone can remove the charger even if your vehicle is locked.

Charging Difficulties

Q: What happens if charging stops mid-stream?

A: Disconnect the charger and re-start the session.

Q: My car is not charging, and my charging port is flashing red?

A: Unplug, return the plug to the charger, and close your charging port. Restart the charging process.

Q: I get a “vehicle communication” error?

A: Unplug, return the plug to the charger, and close your charging port. Restart the charging process.

Q: I can’t see anything triggering in my car when I plug it?

A: Remove, then try re-plugging the charger into your car. This is usually when the cable is not plugged in properly and the plug needs to be inserted “straight” and all the way in, for the vehicle to recognise it.

Q: My charging port is different from the charging station?

A: Kingman EVC’s use type 2 plugs. If you have a different plug, you will need to buy a converter to be able to use a Kingman EVC. To purchase a Type 1 to Type 2 converter you can refer to: www.evolutionaustralia.com.au

Q: My charging speed has reduced after 80% charge?

A: This is normal on all EV chargers. To protect your battery life, the charger automatically slows the flow of electricity once you hit an 80% charge.

Q: My charging port is not opening even though my car is unlocked?

A: Your car may have been left in drive mode. Please put your vehicle in park mode, then try to open the charging port again.

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