LCD Screens

The traditional LCD (Liquid crystal display) is mainly for indoor use as a customer or staff communication display that adds value to your e-mail communications.

This standard monitor can be a powerful tool for HR, Management and Marketing to communicate independent content to different departments, on multiple floors or even time zones. Engaged employees are critical to an organisations success.

The impact of digital displays on employee performance can be one of the easiest and most powerful drivers of ROI within an organisation.

Add a touch screen to your LCD monitor and allow customers, visitors and staff to interact with your content. As a way finding tool on a University campus or a standard Q+A information tool, an interactive screen means customers or staff can find the answers to their own questions and navigate their way around your business without having to ask reception.

Interactive touch screens are expanding in use from shopping centres as a wayfinding solution to hospitality. In future you will find yourself interacting more and more with touch screen technology.

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