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Wayfinding Signage Solutions

At Kingman, we are involved in many wayfinding projects for our clients. As a result, we have many signage offerings to help in this area from off the shelf architectural systems to custom designed and fabricated signage that ties into your corporate brand. We don’t believe in any signage being boring, and wayfinding signage is no exception

At Kingman we understand that wayfinding signage should not be considered in isolation. It requires consideration of the public or staff’s common journeys throughout the premises and include key information at major decision points. ┬áColours, iconography and consistent execution should be considered when designing a new wayfinding signage strategy. This ideally will be done at early stages in the design of a building project however it is never too late if you have an existing building. A lot of older premises may have grown organically over several decades and may now have an arrangement of buildings that possibly provides confusion to people making their way around. While this may present a challenge to some people, at Kingman we understand this is an opportunity to use a variety of tools from signage, murals, maps, and digital kiosks to enable the public and staff the best possible experience in your building or campus.

Kingman Visuals graphic design studio is well versed in wayfinding concepts and our talented sign makers can roll out an entire building or campus worth of wayfinding signage within one month and in line with the Kingman Quality Mission Statement – to provide superior quality signage products with a passionate focus on service and operational excellence

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