IMDEX – Setting the Signage standards for a global brand

The talented team at Kingman embarked on an exciting journey, playing a pivotal role in shaping the external branding signage style guide for none other than IMDEX – a globally renowned mining-tech company that recently unveiled its revitalized multi-level office space in Balcatta.

What initially began as a task to create striking signage for IMDEX’s new office grounds blossomed into something more profound – a bespoke Signage Style Guide meticulously crafted by our talented design team. This guide is a cornerstone for every distinguished global brand, a testament to our collaborative journey with IMDEX.


Guided by IMDEX’s relentless pursuit of innovation, our mission expanded to architecting office signage seamlessly integrated with their multi-tiered workspace. The result? A luxurious blend of modern elegance, where distinctive branding harmoniously intertwines with digital prints adorning office walls. To add a touch of sophistication, our installation team expertly applied glazing privacy films, serving both a functional and aesthetic purpose.


Our graphic design squad took center stage as our journey unfolded, orchestrating a signatory signage style guide. This guide, a crucial compass, is poised to guide signage choices and specifications across IMDEX’s global network of offices – a true testament to our team’s ingenuity and unwavering commitment to delivering unmatched design and signage solutions.


With immense pride, we witness IMDEX’s awe-inspiring branding signage. Our collaboration extended beyond geographical boundaries, involving spirited discussions with their dynamic global stakeholders. From the sunny shores of California to our headquarters, insights were sought and approvals conferred. The enthusiastic approval resonated like a joyful melody, bringing waves of delight and triumph that touched our hearts. We’re thrilled with how the pieces came together – the end result is truly stunning!

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