St John of God Midland Public & Private Sky Sign

Kingman Signs recently completed an incredibly technical installation for St John of God Midland Public & Private Hospital. The project involved fabricating a massive Illuminated sky sign measuring 29 metres wide and made of aluminium letters with internal LED illumination.


The sign was split into 6 individual pieces, making for a more manageable lift. However, the installation required a 300-ton crane with a 73 metre reach, making it no less intricate.


The planning phase was thorough, with Kingman’s team inspecting the site beforehand and scanning underground services. Safety measures were executed, including shutting off either side of the canopy and reviewing all OHS documentation, such as SWMS, lift plans, and scans for in-ground services. The hospital’s safety team was also consulted, along with the crane operation team, and various departments of the hospital to ensure a safe and smooth installation process.

Due to weather conditions, the installation had to be postponed by a day, but Kingman successfully completed the task on the next day before lunchtime.


With the sign now installed, St John of God Hospital in Midland can be easily found by anyone looking for the hospital, thanks to the incredible Illuminated sky sign which is sure to be a landmark for many years to come. Looking especially stunning at night, Kingman’s latest project is a spectacular yet technically precise installation that leaves no doubt as to the location of the hospital.

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