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The latest technologies in the signage industry

Here at Kingman Visual we pride ourselves on being leaders in the signage industry which is why we are always researching new technologies. We love to explore ways these new technologies can be incorporated into various signage projects. The team are always searching for ways to be the best and ensure we preserve our position as industry leaders, which is why keeping up with the latest technology is so important in today’s market. Here are some of the sectors we think may have been impacted by the latest technologies within the signage industry:

Simple design style

Many companies in this modern day and age are opting for a more simplistic and clean design in terms of their signage. The lighting and installation methods are where we are seeing more technical planning. The style of Illumination used for signage sets the vibe for a lot of brands. Halo illumination is a very popular design style used by many companies in today’s market, and for very good reason, this style of illumination has a very sophisticated result.

Vintage nostalgia

We see a lot of brands commissioning signage where they want this old school rustic look. Internal and external signage styles can really help set the ambiance for any business and has a massive contribution to the overall interior design style.


Neon is such a gorgeous form of illumination for signage and has a long history of being used for years to create a retro effect, especially in the US where places like Vegas come to mind. In recent years new technologies in illumination have allowed us to provide the Neon look to some of our clients, using flexible LED neon. Although Neon is a distinctive form of signage illumination it can be quite expensive to run. The benefit of using LED as an illumination alternative is that it is much more energy efficient, more cost effective and can achieve the same look now with the evolution of LED technology. Could this be the end for Neon illumination with the LED technology constantly advancing to rival or even replace Neon?? Kingman actually won an award for a project we completed for Bonfire which used Neon illumination however, the project was more of a sculptured art form than signage. Neon illumination has the potential to be used much more often in this style in order to create a statement piece.


It is no surprise that the print industry as a whole has been effected by the impact of the digital online revolution. With the millennia’s AND generation Z all reading news and events online, the printing press sector is really feeling the pinch and is being forced to evolve and change with this fast paced online way of life. This is the case for many industries that rely on printing press as their main ROI, however some industries have evolved in other ways to still utilise the benefits of new print technologies.

The signage industry has utilised the fact that print technologies allow us to print directly to a variety of materials and surfaces using flatbed printers. Many businesses take advantage of these facilities because it gives people the flexibility to apply marketing material to a variety of different surfaces where they may not have been able to utilise in the past. Printing technologies have evolved in the way they can use UV resistant ink for outdoor signage, vehicle wraps and banners, and the quality of print available now for outdoor use has improved immensely.

3D Printing

The first 3D printer was invented by American engineer Charles Hull over 30 years ago. For many years these printers were used to create concept models, however in recent years 3D printing technology has come a very long way. 3D printers are now being pushed into new realms such as biomedicine, dental and tissue engineering. The reality is that 3D printing has so many promising areas of application, for example it is an area that has huge potential for the signage industry in the future where intricate and coloured objects could be printed for signage elements that may not have been possible in the past.

There is a start-up company in Dublin Ireland that has already made a business from this:


Some marketing campaigns in Europe and the US have used 3D printing to incorporate 3D elements into their outdoor advertising or guerilla marketing which could not be achieved as easily using traditional methods.

Digital Signage technology

Digital signage is becoming more affordable and much more common in recent years, we are seeing this sector of the market really evolving. Digital signage is replacing a lot of the traditional marketing content which allows users to display interchangeable adverts, with target marketing designed around timing to generate the most traction. Digital signage is said to be one of the wisest investments for any business and will only grow in importance across all industries.

The technology is growing at a rapid rate, that the digital signs are no longer just visual tools with interchangeable messages, but they are actually evolving to be integrated with more sophisticated technology that will actually become more engaging and responsive. Digital screens are now not only expected to grab the attention of consumers, they are actually designed to engage with users to create interaction.

Some of the following areas where we will see the most changes in digital signage:

  • Data analysis
  • Smarter software
  • Better software / better picture
  • Touch screen
  • Interactivity & Self service
  • Deployment technology
  • POS Systems
  • Biometrics – Face recognition
  • 3D Screens- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqSpXd9pWHY

The battle goes outdoors!! Digital screens trying to deal with the challenges of outdoor climate conditions, and customer visibility. This area has come a long way in recent years and new technologies have allowed digital signage to withstand the elements of the harsh Australian climate.

Some things to consider when purchasing digital signage:

  • Cost of installation
  • Positioning
  • Screen orientation to suit your content
  • Software training
  • Protection from vandalism

Digital screens are now becoming more affordable for businesses so we hope to see a lot more digital signage used for all sorts of businesses in the near future.

With all the various areas technology is impacting within the signage industry we know the team at Kingman all possess the can do attitude to bring these possibilities to life for your next signage project.

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