we know signs.

Not just any signage company!

Kingman Visual have a passion for being extraordinary in an industry that is constantly evolving. We strive to meet the demands and needs of our clients no matter how complex the vision. Our can-do attitude is what makes the designs come to life from a visual design on screen to a structural reality.

We have a state of the art facility here in Malaga, with a talented and dedicated team which allows us to design and manufacture just about anything structural from steel under 10 tonne. We not only build signs, but we also have the capability to design and manufacture:

  • Sculptures
  • Street Art
  • Street furniture
  • Shade structures
  • Laser cut panelling
  • Balustrade’s
  • ACM Cladding

However steel is not the only material that we use, there is also plastic, aluminium, stainless, brass, and ACM.

We can mould or router cut ACM so that it is personalised to suit any project.

The versatility of these services is great news if you are looking at purchasing some new signage, but also need to update the fascia of your building. Kingman is your one-stop shop, ACM cladding is the perfect solution and we can even cater to design or manufacture some outdoor street art, sculptures or furniture.

Kingman Visual won a silver medal at last year’s ASOFIA sign and graphics awards for our giant pencil sculpture. This is a real statement piece at the entry of our premises and plays a little on the creativity of the team working within.

Kingman also has 3D artists that specialise in software that allows us to display amazing visual concepts for clients to choose from, down to every last nut and bolt.

If this is something that could benefit your business, contact the team at Kingman today for a free consultation!