How to earn revenue with EVCs

For Businesses


There are actually 3 different ways your business can generate an income from your EV Charger.


  1. The sale of electricity
  2. Attract new customers to your business location
  3. Sell advertising through the Apollo, the first EV Charger in Australia to come fitted with a 55” screen

The sale of electricity


Naturally all users have to purchase electricity to charge up their EV. Kingman EVC has a sophisticated billing platform that allows business to mark-up the cost of electricity and make a profit on the sale. Further there are additional revenue streams available through options like charging idling fees (when a charge is complete but the EV has not moved) or monthly subscription fees.


Attract new customers to your business 


Installing a Kingman EV charging station will provide added value to your customers. Customers who are charging their EV’s will spend more time visiting your place of business. A win win for the business owner.


Generate ad revenue through a screen


To maximise the return on investment of your EV chargers, you can increase your revenue streams by combining the fees collected from EV charging with additional advertising revenues. 


The Apollo EVC is designed to facilitate this approach, offering dual fast AC charging options, along with a premium freestanding advertising totem that features a built-in 55” digital screen. By incorporating this feature, a public EV charging location has almost limitless potential to generate this additional revenue. With the Apollo, any business owner can capture and engage thousands of potential customers, commuters, shoppers or other visitors to their business premises. 


For EV owners


V2G – Feeding EV back to the grid… invest now, reap the rewards later.


Your EVC can receive power from the grid or from solar, such as your home solar panels. In the same way it receives power, it can also export this stored energy back into the grid. This technology is called V2G – Vehicle to Grid.


Vehicle to grid is becoming extremely popular in countries that have had a quicker take up of EV’s, such as the USA, Japan and Denmark. Currently, the Australian government is investing in trials to make this more accessible and possible, and it is believed that within a few years this option will be accessible to all within Australia making it possible to earn income from… the sun!


Get paid customers from your EVC…


Usually, domestic chargers are locked meaning strangers can’t come and charge their vehicle without your permission. However, if you choose the right model of charger, you can connect it to an app which allows you to list the location of your charge point as available for the general public to make use of. Yes, you can sell electricity to EV users in your suburb that do not have charger!

At Kingman EVC, it’s about much more than chargers. We have taken a keen interest in user experience (CX) and have created EVC Eco-Systems to provide outstanding user charging experiences to keep your customers and employees coming back for more. Join us for a guided tour of the latest and greatest in electric vehicle charging technology. 


Our experts will showcase a range of chargers from our range of AC and DC fast chargers and discuss the benefits of each model. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the future of transportation and how your company can be a part of it. 

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