Let’s debunk the common misconceptions of Digital Signage

Let’s debunk the common misconceptions when it comes to Digital Signage….


If you, or your business have been considering investing in Digital Signage, to upgrade your visual communications, then you may be aware of the benefits to “going digital”. 


If on the other hand, you haven’t considered this route, this may be because of the combination of misconceptions that surround Digital Signage.


Kingman are here to set the record straight and debunk some common digital signage misconceptions.


MISCONCEPTION: Investing in Digital Signage will be too expensive!


REALITY: Competing technologies are driving the prices down. Digital is becoming more affordable for business.


Though the initial cost and set up may seem high, in that it’s typically higher than that of the Core Sign equivalent… display advertising generates $2.56 of revenue for every dollar spent. Compare this to other types of marketing which generate much less revenue per dollar invested.


This is why it’s important to consider the long term financial benefits when deciding whether to invest in Digital Signage.


MISCONCEPTION: Creating content is too hard!


REALITY: Digital screen content creation is a mix of Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Social Media, Photos and Communication skills. Kingman’s Digital team has the skills to create content for you and assist you in this area. 


With a good strategy in place, we can guide you through the process of creating impactful content to maximise your marketing efforts.


MISCONCEPTION: Digital Signage is JUST a Digital Screen…


REALITY: The screen acts as a delivery mechanism, yes… but in reality the screen is just one of four important components when it comes to Digital Signage. 


  • SOFTWARE – how you are going to manage the content
  • HARDWARE – Physical components i.e. screens, media players, network components, wall mounts, etc.
  • CONTENT – Slides, animations, photos, videos etc… content is the most exciting component of digital signage, as this is what you will actually show to your audience. This is your main communication tool and it brings your screen to life. 
  • STRATEGY – The make or break of your campaign. Thoughtfully choosing and designing content / hardware / software based on your company goals and customers’ needs is imperative to any successful marketing campaign – whether that be digital or not.


MISCONCEPTION: Installation will be too complicated!


REALITY: The technology for Digital Signage Solutions has evolved so much over the years that installation has become much more simple.


You will be guided through the process with an experienced Project Manager. Kingman have an incredible Digital team who are well versed in the installation process of your Digital Signage.


Written by David Ryes, Head of Digital Solutions.


Convinced yet? 


Whether internal or external, with Digital Signage you can create your greatest impression yet.


Contact Kingman today to see what we can do for your business. 

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