Oporto Balcatta gets an impressive glow up

The team at Kingman are the chosen signage provider for the rollout of the Oporto Signage rebrand across Western Australia. So far we have worked on the Oporto restaurants in Balcatta, Bentley and South Perth.

The original signage was Oporto’s orange colour, with Oporto’s black logo and white text on top. The new signage has completely modernised the look of the restaurant. By painting the surfaces of the building black, using dark wood to add texture, and then adding internally illuminated brand signs, both the building and the signage stand out from all others from a significant distance.


Images above: Oporto Balcatta before its revamp.


The new Oporto pylons are a work of art in themselves, as they incorporate Oporto’s well known tile design pattern into the opal acrylic internally illuminated side panels. This touch gives the pylons a really impressive premium looking feature which sprinkles their branding beautifully to an otherwise “standard” sign. 


Images below: Oporto Balcatta after its revamp. 


In addition to this and all external wayfinding and building signs at the Oporto sites, Kingman fabricated and installed their Drive Thru, Counter and entryway Murals, which involved large digitally printed graphics finished in protective matte laminate. 
This rebrand is incredibly effective, and shows just how good branding combined with clever sign design can completely change the look of a building. 
We think it looks fantastic!

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