Signage in the sky

So what is a sky sign?? Well, a sky sign is basically any form of lettering, framework or advertising material placed on a high rise or high-level building that can be seen against the skyline. Sky signs are almost always illuminated and therefore can generate constant brand exposure during the day and also throughout the night.

Kingman was recently awarded the contract to manufacture two sky signs for Honeywell. The client needed some super bright lettering in their corporate branding for the relocation of their new head office.


Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies that address some of the world’s most critical challenges around energy, safety, security, productivity and global urbanisation.

Relocating to their new office space in Rivervale has presented Honeywell an opportunity to be seen from the top of their new 10 storey premises. This has given them the perfect platform to display their super bright, illuminated branded lettering.


Each sign measures 1.3 metres high and 7 metres wide. The letters were all fabricated from acrylic, with aluminium letter backs. The letters were all 2pac painted in the Honeywell corporate red and internally fitted with high-quality red LEDs. The faces were manufactured from opal acrylic with red translucent vinyl applied to the faces. This was the best manufacture method to ensure quality illumination of the signage from near and afar.


Kingman designed the framework and fixing brackets best suited as per engineer’s certification to install the sign with no visible wires or fixings.


The thing most impressive about this project was the logistics and planning of the installation. This was a very challenging installation in terms of accessibility for cranes or scaffolding, therefore we had to use our talented Abseiling friend’s at Safe Passage.


This sky sign had to be installed on a 10-floor building using rope access and pulley systems. The lettering was all delivered to the site and brought up onto the roof internally via the cargo lift. The framework and letters were all assembled on the roof and installed in sections. This installation method ensured there were no disruptions to traffic.


Sky signs are so beneficial for getting your brand noticed. If your business is located in the city and you have the opportunity to place your brand in the skyline then why not take the chance, and maximise your brand exposure to make a lasting impression.


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