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Optus Stadium Signage – Internal Branding Letters

Kingman Visual recently completed the installation of two sets of Optus Stadium branding letters on the internal structure of Perth’s new stadium. This project was no easy feat. Although the internal signage is nowhere near as massive in size to the external letters we fabricated, and installed, they are still a lot bigger than your average sign. These letters were fabricated using the same build method as the external ones. Each main frame was engineered to suspend the Optus letters from the internal architectural structure.


Prominent illuminated signage is so important in these kind of venues for generating brand exposure and awareness. Kingman manufacture amazing signage every day and although these signs in particular may seem quiet plain in appearance, they are manufactured to the highest quality and standard, from stainless steel, and best of all, they were all custom made here in our state of the art factory in Malaga, WA.


The installation of these big illuminated letters involved complex logistic methods. Each component of the letters and main frame were transported to the new stadium and assembled onsite. The main framework had to be installed first and then the letters were bolted to a sub frame and lifted in with a winch and a system of ropes and pulleys to steady the sign.


No matter what signage project the team at Kingman work on, we will endeavour to find the best solution to make the job happen.


Check out our video on this project, you can really see the scale of these letters in comparison to our clever installers. Big thank you to the guys at Warrikal Specialised Rope Access for their teams amazing professionalism at very scary heights:

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