SiCharge D

Siemens SiCharge D

Energy Supplies Sicharge D series

The world of transportation continues to evolve, which is why Kingman, partnering with Siemens, is committed to innovating and reinventing the charge toward contemporary transport, and offers a range of products to power this transition.

Dynamic and flexible, the SICHARGE D compact charger (IEC standard) offers numerous built-in opportunities. Take advantage of our superior technology and ease your decision process – and build a future-ready charging infrastructure. With a long-lasting investment like fast-charging technology, it’s not just a matter of what’s currently in demand. Just as important are the options for tomorrow’s operation. With SICHARGE D, these options are available already today.


Weatherproof, UV-resistant, color-stable, and scratch-resistent powder coating

High brightness, intuitive 24" touch screen display

Kingman EVC Cloud management

DC Charging

RFID control

Fit for outdoor applications IP54 and IK10

Shatterproof glass front


Large front and back doors provide easy access for maintenance

Charge into the future!

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