SiCharge CC

Siemens SiCharge CC

Energy Supplies Siemens SICHARGE CC AC22 series

The world of transportation continues to evolve, which is why Kingman, partnering with Siemens, is committed to innovating and reinventing the charge toward contemporary transport, and offers a range of products to power this transition.

For superior electric vehicle charging infrastructure for public and semi-public areas, the SICHARGE CC AC22 is capable of simultaneous fast charging of two electric vehicles and can be installed as a stand-alone option or embedded in a modular environment.


High degree of protection IP54 against dust and spray water

Electrical input protection

Kingman EVC Cloud management

LAN, GPRS, UMTS, and LTE connectivity

Status indication

LEDs indicating status

Ambient conditions

Shatterproof glass front

RFID control

Multilingual 7” display at an ergonomic height

Weatherproof, UV-resistant, color-stable, and scratch resistant powder coating.

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