Dion DC


A compact and cost-effective fast DC charger with a very small footprint which can charge two EVs simultaneously up to 40kW

Pedestal DC Charging...

The Dion fast DC EV charger provides dynamic, load balanced power distribution for up to two vehicles each receiving 20kW or 40kW depending on configuration.


The Dion is fitted with a single or double CCS Type 2 or CHAdeMO charging plugs, according to requirements. It can be connected to any three-phase AC input from 260v-530v.


With an IP54 rated dust and waterproof design it is both suitable for outdoor use or inside a parking garage. The sleek and compact EV charger is perfect for installations where space is limited as it can also be wall mounted.


Access to the charger can be controlled by an RFID card reader allowing only authorised users to start and stop the charging process. We also offer an optional Nayax contactless payment module giving you the opportunity to generate revenue from the EV charger by allowing other users to pay on demand to charge their vehicle.


The Dion can self-detect the specification of the vehicle being charged – car, van, HGV or public transport vehicle – and its battery charge status and displays the information on the external data screen in real-time.


Like all Kingman EV charging products the DION is OCPP compliant for data transfer and communications and can be fully managed and monitored in real time via the Kingman Cloud platform which can monitor and manage a single device or an entire nationwide network. The Dion can connect via wired ethernet (standard) or by 3G/4G data network (optional).


The DION EV charger has built in charging protection which disables the unit if it detects a communication fault with the EV, charging lead disconnection, over temperature and over voltage. Additionally, it is fitted with an emergency stop button which will immediately cut off the charging process. Also available with optional Nayax contactless payment module.


20kw to 40kw Output


4G GSM data

530v three-phase

Kingman EVC Cloud management

Wired ethernet

RFID Control

Tariff driven charge times

No earth rod required

DC charging​

Optional Nayax Onyx payment module

PEN protection​

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