The Apollo EV charge point is at the forefront of EV charging technology.


The Apollo EV chargepoint is unique in the marketplace and at the forefront of commercial EV charging technology.


Maximising return on investment for your EV charging network is made possible by doubling the revenue streams, combining the fees raised from EV charging with valuable advertising revenues.


In addition to offering dual fast AC charging in 7kW, 22kW and 43kW charge power options (for vehicles which can accommodate the higher AC input), the Apollo is designed as a premium, freestanding advertising totem with a built-in 55” digital screen.

This offers almost limitless potential additional revenue for a public EV charging location, in addition to the revenue generated from the chargepoint alone.

The Apollo allows any business owner to fully captivate and engage thousands of potential commuters, shoppers or other visitors to your business premises.


The RFID card-reader can control access to the charger and monitor usage, it is also available with the optional Nayax contactless payment module which allows app-free charging to users outside of your organisation.


As with all Kingman EV charging solutions, the Apollo is OCPP compliant which allows secure and real-time communications with our unique Kingman EVC Cloud management platform via a wired network or 4G data connection. Kingman EVC Cloud is a complete EV charging network management facility allowing real-time monitoring of your entire network. It monitors current and peak usage as well as revenues of individual chargepoint locations and your entire network.


The Apollo has built-in safety functions which can shut down the charger if it detects input under voltage, input overvoltage, output short-circuit, output overvoltage, output overcurrent, reverse battery connection communications failure, insulation detection, etc. Additionally, there is a failsafe emergency stop button fitted to all EV chargers which can be manually operated in the event of a failure.


Commercial or public​

Tariff driven charge times​

AC Charging​

Optional Nayax Payment module​

Dual Charging​


Kingman EVC Cloud management

Kingman EVC Cloud Analytics​

IP54 Protection​

RFID control

UV Protection​

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