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EV Charging services for strata managers, developers and owners.


EV charging for shared living

Every day, more and more Australians make the move to shared living. As of the 2016 census, one in every six households was a unit, flat, or apartment.

These Australians demand the same amenities as any other and that includes EV charging. Apartments and hotels can be very different to standard outdoor parking bays. The discovery and planning process is far more complex.

Kingman can supply integrated, monitored charging within commercial-scale electrical networks. Whatever the challenges of your site, we can bring charging to your residents.

Assessment and planning

We conduct a discovery process for every project. Once contacted by Strata Managers we’ll begin the process to construct a preliminary plan and propose a path forward for your complex.

This allows you to get an idea of what is possible, which solutions might best suit your residents, and how we should proceed.

Our processes ensure that your project receives the optimal solution and your residents get the most benefit from EV charging. Because we are the actual technicians that install the chargers, we provide practical, usable information, rather than just consultant gibberish.


Integrated systems

Kingman uses the world class Ampeco billing and charge-management software provider. Their platform is only one of the many resources we regularly employ to make charging viable and simple in shared electrical networks.

To facilitate easy use apartment charging we use the Kingman Cloud Management System  through our in-house tech team. Kingman Cloud integrates and manages power delivery within site networks, using open-source protocols to optimise networks with a wide range of hardware and software options.

Our technicians use these resources and relationships to design the best possible charging systems for our clients.

Why should I provide EV charging for my development?

It’s a new way to think about filling up!

Instead of driving to a petrol station just to fill up, EV drivers incorporate charging as part of their day-to-day activities, and in turn are visiting and spending more time at shopping centres, supermarkets and businesses that offer EV charging.

Just a handful of reasons your business should install EV chargers:

  • Provide convenience – EV owners can charge anywhere that has electricity, and soon they’ll be demanding it.
  • Increase visitors – EV drivers go out of their way to visit stores that provide EV charging onsite.
  • Increase loyalty – EV drivers return to the same locations to recharge, and stay on average 30% longer.
  • Full ownership – you retain full ownership of the site and charging hardware (not us), and can make changes whenever you wish.
  • Generate revenue – Generate additional revenue and ROI, or simply add value to your business.
  • Demonstrate commitment to sustainability – Offering a greener ‘fuelling’ solution shows your commitment to a cleaner future for all Australians.
  • Provide incentives – allow your employees or visitors to charge their EV at work at a discounted rate or for free.

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