Charge Up Round 2

The WA State government has announced Charge Up Round 2...

Charge Up Workplace EV Charging Grants have been announced by the WA Government, to encourage the spread of electric vehicle chargers by co-funding about 50% of their cost with $12.5 million of grants.


  • Up to 50% Rebate for your EV Charger installation and software support.
  • Only through accredited suppliers
  • AC and DC chargers are covered
  • Deadline for applications: May 3 2024

The Charge Up – Round 2 Government Grants, administered by the WA government, are designed to bolster the deployment of EV charging infrastructure across the state. As an accredited supplier, Kingman is fully equipped to deliver your EV charging solution. But our commitment goes beyond mere installation; we’re a complete Charge Point Operator (CPO) with a dedicated team of specialists ready to design, deliver and maintain your EV Charging project.


To learn more about the Charge Up Workplace EV Charging Grants and how to apply, please visit Charge Up Workplace EV Charging Grants ( Charge Up Workplace EV Charging Grants or contact Glenn Tayler at Kingman EVC


Why should my organisation provide EV charging? 

It’s a new way to think about filling up!

Instead of driving to a petrol station to fill up, EV drivers incorporate charging as part of their day-to-day activities and, in turn, are visiting and spending more time at shopping centers, supermarkets and businesses that offer EV charging.


Here are just a handful of reasons your business should install EV chargers:

  • Provide convenience – EV owners can charge anywhere that has electricity, and soon they’ll be demanding it.
  • Increase visitors – EV drivers go out of their way to visit stores that provide EV charging onsite.
  • Increase loyalty – EV drivers return to the same locations to recharge and stay on average 30% longer.
  • Full ownership – you retain full ownership of the site and charging hardware (not us) and can make changes whenever you wish.
  • Generate revenue – Generate additional revenue and ROI or add value to your business.
  • Demonstrate commitment to sustainability – Offering a greener ‘fueling’ solution shows your commitment to a cleaner future for all Australians.
  • Provide incentives – allow your employees or visitors to charge their EV at work at a discounted rate or for free.


Our commitment to providing the best EV charging solution for our customers remains our top priority, and User Experience is our focus.


At Kingman, we have a vision of a sustainable future where EVs play a crucial role in reducing emissions and promoting cleaner transportation, and we would love to guide you on that journey.

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