5 reasons your business should invest in Digital Signage

Are you looking to upgrade your signage? Are you based in Perth or Western Australia? Read on to learn how and why you can stand out from the crowd by investing in Digital Signage today.


1. IMPRESSIVE ADVERTISING | 80 percent of adults have seen digital signage in the past month, and 70 per cent subsequently made an unplanned purchase. (Interior Fit Out Magazine, May 2022)

In 2022, the global signage industry is reportedly worth $117.74 billion….quite impressive given the last few years have served up nothing but heartache and headache for almost every industry around the globe. The “digital transformation” that businesses of all sizes are going through, is changing the way we shop, work, and live…. And the signage industry is spearheading the way forward with technology and innovation that hasn’t been seen before. 

Take something as simple as a bus stop. For as long as we can remember these have been standard core signage areas. Pepsi Max turned the bus stop into something far more exciting, catching the local pedestrians by surprise on their daily commute. 

Pepsi Max’ incredibly impressive Bus Shelter Digital Advert

2. DRAW PEOPLE TO YOU | 8 out of 10 shoppers claim to have entered a store purely because a digital sign caught their attention. 


That’s some serious power….. And retailers are starting to make the most of it, choosing digital signage for its high-impact, low-cost approach.


Pavegen made their mark at a recent Recruitment Fair in Copenhagan by creating an Interactive Display within their stall. The students flocked in numbers to see what it was all about. The interactive screens used gamification to create an educational experience that drew people in, sparked conversation and made a lasting impression.


Pavegen created an Interactive Game to draw in the crowds

3. INFLUENCE DECISION MAKING IN STORE | 40 percent of shoppers say that digital displays can change what they buy because relevant information is served close to the point of purchase.


Organisations across the globe are already making excellent use of signage technology in unique ways and that trend will continue. From retail and hospitality to real estate, construction, education, entertainment, and military, there isn’t an industry in the world that hasn’t found innovative ways to integrate modern signage technology into their operations. 


Sephora, created this incredibly smart, interactive display within their store inviting customers to try on their make up via augmented reality.


Sephora created a Virtual Try On to influence buyers in store

4. CREATE A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE | Millennials are more likely to visit brick-and-mortar stores than Baby Boomers ( 78 percent versus 70 percent.) For brands looking to engage an elusive, younger audience, exciting in-store experiences seem to be the way forward. 


Given that millennials don’t watch TV, prefer Youtube ads to traditional advertising methods and are heavily influenced by the internet (47 percent say it’s the one thing they can’t live without) finding new ways to share information with them is key. 


Research also shows that customers who engage with companies through a variety of channels drive three times the volume of sales. Having multiple touchpoints with an audience is of huge benefit to retailers. Not only does great signage give a great first impression, but digital signage also serves as a channel that can drive sales, awareness and brand love. 


Nike have been using interactive screens in their stores for years. Take their shoe wall display in this video for example. Instead of a small tag,  printed sign or asking a staff member who then has to look the product up online, customers can find out more information about each product by touching the screen behind, and enjoying an interactive experience using interesting  animation, video & infographics.


Nike use mirror displays, touch sensing & interactive media using UX Technology to display product information in store.

5. IT’S A BETTER WAY TO COMMUNICATE | Studies show that good internal communication drives 25 percent higher employee productivity. Office fitouts are now including digital screens as a matter of course.


In the corporate world, office signage is being used to engage workers and entice them back into their comfy chairs and stand up desks. Studies show that good internal communication drives 25 percent higher employee productivity. Office fitouts are now including digital screens as a matter of course, and they are a quick and easy way to keep everyone in the office informed of what’s going on, without clogging up the inbox.


Digital signage helps to thread a company mission throughout the office and it seems to be getting plenty of attention, with at least 56 percent of internal communication teams considering increasing the use of digital signage within their organisation. 


At Kingman our lunch room, offices and foyer are fitted out with a variety of screens displaying our internal communications. It’s a quick and incredibly effective way to share anything from important information, to news, events, our social media channels, congratulatory messages to our employees, office trivia and more!

Written by Louise Kenny, Kingman’s Digital Content and Marketing Manager.


Convinced yet? 


Whether internally or externally, with Digital Signage you can create your greatest impression yet. Contact Kingman today to see what we can do for your business. 


References: Interior Fit Out Magazine – Read their latest publication here

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