Kingman install the largest sky sign in Australia in just one day

In mid 2021 Kingman was awarded approval to fabricate and install what would later become the largest sky sign in Australia.


St John of God Murdoch Hospital’s CEO Ben Edwards brought it to our attention that the building had no branding, and no way of being identified. It was clear to him that they needed a sign. But not just any sign…


It was clear that the sign needed to be larger, and larger again, in order to be seen “from the moon!”. In the end, the designs were finalised, with a 56 meter long sign and an 8.7 meter lightbox to be placed upon the very top of the building.


“We approached Kingman with a very specific brief and through effective collaboration during planning and execution, the team absolutely exceeded our desired end goal on the sky sign project.”

Ben Edwards, Chief Executive Officer at St John of God Murdoch Hospital

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The video below is just a little sneak peak to the immense task that the Kingman team accomplished in just one day. 


We had to manage a 160 foot crane, a 53 meter truck mounted boom and two semi-trailers in a split level car park, within an operating hospital.


There were a number of hurdles to overcome on the day including the unforeseen storm that rolled in just after lunch, slowing the process as we waited for the worst showers to subside before making the next lifts.



Despite the monumental task and unforeseen weather interruptions, all 7 lifts were completed before dark. By 6pm the crane was unloading its weights and being removed from site leaving the team to finish their final wiring, cabling and switching on of the sign to check and test the functionality of the illumination.


We are incredibly proud of this job. Not only does the sign look amazing, (and can be seen from incredible distances away!), but it was also an impressive team effort from Kingman to complete the job so seamlessly.


Congratulations to everyone involved in this epic project and a huge thanks to SJGMH for choosing Kingman to build and install the largest sky sign in Australia.



St John of God Murdoch Hospital put together a brilliant promotional video for the ideology and process behind creating this gigantic sign which you can watch here. Get ready for some WA related inside jokes and some five star acting!


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