Vivente, a Master Craftsman’s masterpiece

This sculpture for Vivente – is a beautifully sturdy yet intricate structure of intertwining and overlapping aluminium curves.


“Vivente” meaning ”Living” was inspired by the intertwining and connecting of many different elements which make up a happy place to live, include strong and vibrant community, beautiful nature, bushlands and views, and opportunity for education and family growth.


This incredibly intricate Entry Statement piece has been created for Emerge Associates. Emerge Assosciates, are Landscape architects striving to create exceptional innovative outcomes for their projects, with the aim to enhance the environments in which their pieces are presented. We believe this project does just that.


This piece is a fully fabricated aluminium sculpture hand crafted by our Master Craftsman Adam Robertson. Adam describes the process as “definitely more interesting than your everyday craft job. I used a combination of techniques to create the final piece including hand forming and a roller to bend the aluminium, followed by welding and sanding them down. I always enjoy these kind of custom jobs because the process is technical and needs to be thought through – there’s no instruction manual.”


It has been installed with concrete spear footing, with a 2 pack painted finish in a naturally brushed black.


Standing over two metres tall, and just shy of two metres wide, this unique masterpiece can be spotted on the Frankland Avenue entrance to Hammond Park.”

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