Abseil to Install – behind the scenes at Karrinyup

The external branding Kingman created for Karrinyups’s redevelopment project included a number of Karrinyup branded signs around the exterior of the complex, as well as signage for Woolworths, David Jones, Uniqlo, Zara, The Good Company and of course, HOYTS cinemas.

These HOYTS external signs were installed via the roof, with our installers abseling themselves over the top of the building in order to pin fix the letters to the wall. This technique enables us to achieve the beautiful facelit illumination effect that you can see from afar.


The letters themselves, are 2.2 metres each in height, weighting between 70 and 80 kilograms. The completed sign “HOYTS”, covers 7 metres in width.


The process of installation for this sign required the supporting framework to be installed before the exterior cladding was completed. This was done using elevated work platforms and cranes. Once the exterior wall had been clad, the installation was then completed in just one day using rope access installation teams. Kingman’s install team consisted of 5, with 3 people on the roof, lowering down 2 abseilers, who bolted the letters to the façade of the building.


The utilisation of abseiling for installation means large scale signs of all types can be installed quickly, cost effectively and most importantly, in the safest possible manner without causing disruption to customers below. At Kingman we know how important this use of signage can be to make a serious advertising impact, and therefore our install team are able to do this technique quickly whilst adhering to all safety guidelines.

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