Vehicle Wraps

Have you ever considered getting a vehicle wrap?

Vehicle wraps or vehicle signage is such an excellent investment for your business. The exposure your vehicle gets not just while driving but also while parked up is 24/7 and your brand becomes more recognisable in the public eye. It’s basically a mobile billboard.


This form of marketing is often used to brand fleet vehicle’s. Choosing this form of marketing boosts your brand recognition immensely and is invaluable if you are a service-based business that works on residential properties. Customers generally trust brands or work vehicles that display some form of brand placement or company signage.


Over the years we have had some pretty impressive vehicles go through our wrapping room and get changed into stunning transformations. Kingman is Avery Dennison Converter specialists and has a talented team in-house ready to wrap any style vehicles. The team love a challenge.


We have had everything from race cars to coffee carts, food trucks, boats, and we even wrapped a road tank. No matter the project, the team at Kingman will endevour to get the project completed to the highest standard, on time and safely.


There is a range of options available when considering vehicle signage. You can go for a full vehicle wrap, Half wrap, Partial wrap, Decals and one-way vision for windows of the vehicle which will not interfere with visibility.


Some people might just want to “pimp their ride”, and that’s perfectly fine as well. Kingman has a design studio in-house that would be more than happy to design something unique to match your needs.


Check out some of the vehicles we have wrapped over the years. There has been some unusual shapes and sizes come through the factory. No job is ever to tough, you can be sure with a Kingman wrap, you are getting a quality wrap.

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