Stylish Signage for Perth’s Raine Square Redevelopment

The highly anticipated redevelopment of Perth’s Raine Square shopping precinct by Charter Hall finally opened its doors on the 17th of September. This stunning new redevelopment design was the brainchild of  Taylor Robinson Chaney Broderick, and the project construction was professionally executed by Built


The signage package was designed by the creative team at Diadem who came up with some interesting designs for the digital signage as well as the traditional static signs. This signage package was specifically styled to complement the architect’s vision for a fresh and modern rejuvenation of an old and iconic city landmark of Perth’s architectural heritage.

Raine Square shopping complex now has 12 restaurants and cafés, a 13 screen cinema complex and over 18,000 square meters of retail space. Above the public space is 60,000 square meters of office space. To move people around a space of this size, the owners sought out signage companies to offer wayfinding and directional solutions. Kingman won the contract to deliver the signage package, which consisted of all the internal and external signs, directional wayfinding, statutory, and interactive digital wayfinding totems, as well as a stunning architectural arch feature to frame the laneway just off William Street.

Raine Square owners asked for static as well as a digital signage option that would serve as an interactive solution for store locating and the rear screen for 3rd party advertising. The digital wayfinding signs were mostly double sided blades, shaped into an angled triangular shape, painted a metallic gold but with a wonderful twist, the sides of the blades were clear 25mm acrylic with rounded corners and all flame polished, adding a nice depth and tactile finish to the clear sides, and to allow viewing into what would normally be the inside workings. To enhance this further, Diadem designed playful circular columns placed horizontally at the base of the structure within the frame, just for fun, no function other than visual aesthetics. The rear of the screens which would normally be hidden, were housed within a neat cover which formed part of the frame and design. Clever, interesting and functional design.


The static signs were more traditional in design but still styled to compliment the overall interior design or the whole complex, by placing the same 25mm clear acrylic panels at each end of the suspended directional signs. The same ethos was applied to all other signage including the store identifiers and lift directories, keeping the flow of design consistent and coordinated.


The digital component was managed by the Centre owners and was put to tender and awarded to Kingman Visual. The content management system that has been deployed utilises a Bright Sign media platform, with each player linked to the Centre owners IP network. The functionality of the wayfinding touchscreens were specifically designed and created as a bespoke item.


As the screen panels were to be 40” to meet the design specification and restrictions, a 3rd party touch foil had to be Laminated in house by Kingman Visual due to the majority of manufacturers no longer producing 40 inch display panels. This added further complexity to the functionality but was an essential part of the project scope. The digital screens comprise of both single side and double sided kiosks throughout Raine Square.

Kingman engaged with multiple stakeholders to determine tenant specific information. This required the creation and design of individual screen layouts, combining tenant logos, web addresses and contact information. Both the digital content and the media platform system, have both been designed and implemented to ensure that it will be maintained and updated subject to specific requirements of the Centre owners and the requests made by their tenants. 


This is another project we are extremely proud to have been involved in and has set a new standard for what is possible in retail signage design and the client was very happy with the end result.


Download our Case Study on this project for more info and some behind the scenes photos of production


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