A first for Digital Signage in WA

Large Scale Transparent Digital Signage Screen for HBF


At the end of July, the team at Kingman were all very excited about one particular job. We installed our very first transparent digital signage screen in Perth’s CBD for our client, HBF. This stunning project is a first in WA and gives us a little glimpse at what lies ahead for the future of digital signage in retail displays across Australia.


The primary objective of purchasing this digital signage screen was to ‘purposefully’ drive the HBF member experience at the flagship branch in Perth’s Kings Square. The predominantly open plan layout allows a lot of natural light into the building, so the Transparent LED digital signage screens were the perfect match for this space.


The transparent LED screen is an innovation featuring a hollow design strip structure which maximises transparency at 75%, offers a unique display effect and excellent viewing experience as if the images are blowing in the wind.


The team at Kingman Visual supplied and installed three screens, and the total weight of all three screens combined was 500kg’s. The screens are suspended from the concrete slab using stainless steel cable and all power and data cables are run to the ceiling where they are patched back to the communications room and connected to the PC.


This Transparent LED digital signage solution is the first of its kind to be installed in Australia. The project completion date was the 30th of July, but our team at Kingman installed all the screens on 18th of July, 12 days ahead of schedule which made for a very happy client.

The team at Kingman Visual love seeing clients exploring the latest in digital signage technology for their projects.


Digital signage is progressing so fast and it is becoming common to see it in most retail environments.


Digital signage is an extremely beneficial investment for your business with a healthy return on investment as you can utilise it 24 hours a day with constantly changing content. You can also create additional income for yourself by offering your screen to other markets to rent off you. Our in-house digital signage team are well versed in assisting clients with design and install of digital signage as well as content delivery systems. Our design team can manage your content remotely with ease which frees you up to do what you do best.


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