Hawaiian Christmas Giving Boxes

This Christmas, the team at Kingman, were busy getting these gorgeous gold Christmas gift boxes ready for 2 Print at 303 Mullen Lowe


The client requested we fabricate these Christmas gift boxes they designed for this year’s “Hawaiian’s Giving Box Program”. This Christmas campaign managed by the team at 303 encourages customers to make donations to those in need over the holidays. The big giant boxes (1500mm cubed) are fabricated from aluminium framework and covered in ACM cladding. The boxes were then sprayed in 2pac gold metallic with speciality paint effect to resemble burnish gold. They were made in a kit form to be easily assembled and then disassembled at the end of Christmas.


Each of the giant boxes has a number of message tags which were designed to be easily removed via Velcro and updated with various messages over the holidays. The boxes all have giant black ribbons on top which were designed to allow space for the donations to be inserted on top.


Each Box has two openings on top which allows shoppers to donate gifts. Customers can donate non-perishable food, children’s gifts, and Christmas items into these giant boxes.

The Gift boxes have also incorporated digital screens, as well as the popular ‘tap and go’ payment method giving customers the option to make a monetary contribution.

The Hawaiian Giving Box campaign was developed in partnership with local charities Anglicare WA and Foodbank WA over six years ago. In that time, the West Australian community has helped to donate an astounding 39,224 meals and 27,535 gifts.


This is such a wonderful incentive by the team at Hawaiian, which brings the WA community together while encouraging shoppers to help support WA charities that in turn support those who are most in need this Christmas. So many families in Western Australia are struggling and these charities are helping to make a huge difference.


We made 8 of these giant boxes, 2 medium sized and 20 little money boxes. You will find these donation boxes located at any of the Hawaiian shopping centres around Perth WA. Go check them out and make a contribution this Christmas to help make a difference in the community.

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