Solar on the move trailer for Synergy’s latest campaign

The team at Kingman were contracted by the creative minds at Meerkats in Perth CBD, to fabricate a solar and battery-powered generator for WA energy retailer, Synergy. Meerkats, one of Perth’s top creative companies presented us with the design and artwork, which was then set up and put to action by the talented team at Kingman, who made Meerkats vision come to life.


This mobile showroom is so much more than just an ordinary trailer. It is a way to bring cutting edge technology to customers with the latest in PVs and battery storage. The impactful mobile display vehicle will be used as a large scale mobile solar and battery powered generator to power events with clean energy all around Perth. We have also installed wireless charging stations on the side of the trailer, giving festival goes an opportunity to charge up their devices when they’re running low. This solar generator is an excellent way for the company to give back to the community using the power of the sun because let’s face it, why not use the sun’s energy when it shines almost every day in WA.


Check out Synergy’s campaign here:

This mobile display vehicle was fabricated in-house by our talented tradesmen in the steel shop at our premises here in Malaga. Once the frame was complete, it then was covered in composite aluminium cladding. The interior was fitted out with a checker plate metal sheeting for the flooring. The entire fit-out included benches, electrical outlets with accessory cabling for LED lights, actuators, extractor’s fans, digital screen and media players.


WAAE supplied solar panels and Batteries


When the project was completed, the team worked together to wrap it in digitally printed vinyl, in the synergy campaign banding and cut out the logos for the die cut illumination through the logo. The whole team at Kingman made sure every little detail was finished to perfection.


Check out our little video, showcasing this stunning project, from design right through to the finished product. We are all extremely proud of what has been achieved for this project, and we feel it is a real testament to the in-house capabilities of this company.


Check out our video to see this project come to life.


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