St John of God

Kingman started their relationship with St John of God Hospital during their Murdoch Hospital expansion project with Multiplex. During that project, St John of God directly engaged Kingman to do further works at their various sites including Murdoch, Subiaco, and Mt Lawley. A wonderful client who we really enjoy working with.

More recently, in mid 2021 Kingman was awarded approval to fabricate and install what would later become the largest sky sign in Australia.

St John of God Murdoch’s CEO Ben Edwards brought it to attention that the building had no branding, and no way of being identified. Upon the projects original conception, the plan was for the sign to be much lower down, and 36 meters in length. It was decided that the sign needed to be larger, and larger again, in a more prime location in order to be seen “from the moon!”. Eventually, the designs were finalised, with a 56 meter long sign to be placed upon the very top of the building.

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