New Choice Homes

After rebranding in 2021, New Choice Homes were naturally in need of new signage!

Since then Kingman have:

  • Fabricated the New Choice Homes Entry Monolith
  • Designed a cleverly illuminated Elevation Sign
  • Repurposed the New Choice Homes pre-existing pylons

The elevated logo sign at the back of the building faces the freeway, and as such is in prime viewing spot for drivers passing by. Due to this, visibility was the main aim when designing this sign. The outcome is unique in that the materials used mean the sign looks matte black during the day, and illuminated white at night time. 

We decided to reskin the New Choice Homes pylons in order to reduce waste. The totems stand just shy of 3 metres tall, and 1 metre wide and the new sleek look was completed with their Matt Black, White & Gold colour scheme.

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