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A high quality sign can be an asset in any industry. It can help you get noticed and bring in new business, as well as help you stand out from your toughest competitors. A well designed sign can be extremely eye-catching, allowing you to grab attention around the clock.

We have worked with businesses all around Australia and New Zealand to design and install award winning signs. For over 29 years we have been passionate about helping our clients achieve business success with our high quality products. Over this time we have built up a solid expertise and a team of 55 well trained employees.

These assets and experience ensure that the process is hassle free for our clients. This leads to smooth projects and clients that come back to us time and time again. We are proud of these long term relationships and exceptional customer service as it says a lot about our business philosophy.

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Types of Sign Writing

There are two different types of sign writing that we can perform:

  • Traditional: In traditional sign writing, the sign is decorated by hand for a stunning and one of a kind look. This is a very stylish way to add life to your business and show your company’s personality. Our highly skilled craftsmen can deliver a sign that sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Modern: With contemporary sign writing, we use advanced technology and computer aided design. These methods deliver signs with a high degree of precision that can only be produced by a machine. We only use cutting edge tools and software to ensure that the end result is fully functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Tips for Using a Sign Writer to Boost Business

Our sign writing services can be used in a wide range of applications to help you promote your business. Here are some tips that have worked for our clients in the past:

Use a Sign or Banner at an Event: Does your company ever host, sponsor or attend events? These can be anything from a tradeshow to fundraiser and are a great opportunity to get your company name out there. Hang them up anywhere with a decent amount of foot traffic for maximum results.

If you have a table or booth at the event, it is also a great idea to have one on display there. This gets you noticed and allows you the opportunity to talk about your business. It is a great way to create a buzz, as well as find new customers and future employees.

One of the reasons that these are prime places to promote your business is because they attract people who have an interest in your industry. Due to the social atmosphere, these events also allow you to catch people when they are open to hearing about your business.

Our digital print product is a great option for any of these signs. We can blend traditional and modern techniques to create a unique look that helps you get noticed.

Stand Out with Stunning Window Graphics: Using window graphics is a great way to get attention. Instead of relying on the typical, boring window look, spruce up your windows with artwork, a message or your company’s logo. We merge both traditional and contemporary designs to create gorgeous window graphics that grab positive attention.

This is an especially useful trick if you are located in a large building with several other businesses, such as a mall. When potential customers walk by, they are sure to be intrigued by the unique look of your windows. This gives you a much better chance to have them drawn into your store and remember your company in the future.

Our graphic designers can assist you with a window graphic that suits your unique style, target market and overall needs. Another great thing about window graphics is that they are extremely versatile. They can be transparent so that your potential customers can still look into the store. Similarly, they can be adjusted to only cover up some sections of your windows for added visibility.

Get Noticed with Vehicle Wraps: This is a revolutionary way to promote your business. Just decorate your company car with a sleek looking vehicle wrap that is sure to attract attention. This allows you to market your business even when you are stuck in traffic or running errands. It even allows you to promote your business on the way to your next destination.

With vehicle wraps, you generally want to use colours and graphics that stand out. Including your company name, phone number, and website URL is also a good so customers can get ahold of you directly.

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