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Branding is one aspect of every business that cannot be overlooked. It gives a business an identity that its target audience can identify with. One look at some of the largest companies in the world is all it takes to appreciate the impact that branding has.Company branding should never be taken lightly and is an investment that ultimately pays off. At Kingman Visual, we are passionate about delivering quality signage and branding management services to our clients that reflect company values

Below are services we offer:

SignLife Maintenance

At Kingman Visual, our commitment to how good your signage looks does not stop at the time of installation. We are committed to conducting service and maintenance on our signage products to ensure your sign lasts many years while still looking as good as the day it was installed. We offer the following options for maintenance

  • Ad hoc Service
  • Regular scheduled maintenance cycles
  • Option for low cost monthly fee
  • Lease options that include full maintenance


Talk to us today and we can discuss the best option to suit your business.

We go the extra mile for our clients to deliver quality signage. Our attention to detail from manufacturing to project management is simply unmatched. Our commitment to quality extends to all projects, even for smaller ones.

Brand Management

Branding is absolutely essential for every business and is what distinguishes one company from another. Lackluster branding is likely to produce similar business results. Kingman Visual’s mission is uncompromising commitment to the integrity of your brand.

Brand work is one of our core businesses and where we excel at. Our team works closely with you to deliver exceptional brand management services. We are passionate about maintaining your corporate colours across various marketing mediums.

Branding management is key to distinguishing your brand and plays an important role in marketing your business. We get excited to ensure your manufacture preferences are preserved at all your sites and can design a brand identity that creates a lasting impression.

Project Management

The management of any project is the vital link between a successful rebranding exercise and the stakeholder. With Kingman Visual, you are paired with an industry professional who will work closely with you for the duration of your project, regardless of its size.

This way you are dealing with a singular point of contact that makes themselves available to you. This allows us to effectively manage your project. We always aim to make the process as smooth as possible to avoid any miscommunication. The result is a solution that exceeds expectations, every time.

Signage Consultancy

Effective signage starts with understanding your organisation and its target market. Our team of staff are dedicated signage professionals who pay close attention to you. We are passionate about what we do and deliver the best signage solutions to meet your needs.

The staff at Kingman Visual are simply the best in the industry. With so many talented people all under one roof, we have hundreds of years of experience ready to help you with your next signage project. We specialise in innovative signage solutions that capture your company’s brand identity and values.

Financing Options

At Kingman Visual, we understand the need to retain your working capital for further investment within your business. We offer a Rental & Maintenance facility through our Discount Neon branch, making our services even more affordable and accessible.

Our financing options are perfect for small business owners. We can design quality solutions that fit within your budget.

Award Winning Services

We are an Award Winning Signage Manufacture company located in Malaga, WA. We are proud to be both Green Stamp and CM3 accredited with memberships in ASOFIA, ASGA, and the Property Council. We have also been awarded at the biennial ASGA National Awards two times.

Our process allows us to deliver quality products that meet strict safety standards.

Kingman Visual

We have over 31 years of experience in all areas of signage including digital printing, brand management and sign consultancy. We bring our expertise to your project by delivering a solution focused on your branding needs whether you have a specific vision in mind or need a complete rebranding strategy.

Establishing long term relationships with our clients is absolutely important and one of our top priorities for all projects. We create an experience that makes the process smooth and easy for our clients. In fact, many of our customers continue to come back to us time and time again.

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Although we are based in Perth, our services are not limited to this region alone as we service clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. Contact us today for more details about any of our services. Our team is committed to you and your project.