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Increase The Value of Your Business How do your customers feel when they first see your store?  Does your store make a good first impression? Are customers able to successfully find what they are looking for? Having clear signs and displays are essential for businesses. They help with company branding and are a convenient feature for customers to find the information they need. Business signage can also be used for advertising purposes or to feature a particular product. First impressions absolutely matter and having the right visuals can give your business an advantage. We offer a comprehensive range of products that can be used to:

  • Advertise your business
  • Point customers in the right direction
  • Increase awareness of new products
  • Make your storefront more appealing
  • Give your business a competitive advantage

Our products are easily one of the best investments you can make to improve the aesthetic appeal of your business and even increase its value. Company branding has never been more important. Our signage products and branding services can help your business capture the right look and feel.

Below is only a small section of products we offer.

Digital Screens: Digital screens are electronic displays that are commonly found in commercial areas including restaurants, department stores, banks, and airports. Unlike traditional displays, these are controlled by personal computers and can dynamically change to deliver up to date information using remote uploads.

Applications for digital screens include:

  • Displaying public information such as weather details or movie times
  • Advertising a new line of products to increase brand awareness
  • Influencing visitor behavior by highlighting certain areas
  • Enhancing customer experience and interactivity

These screens can be displayed across Australia or right in your business to improve engagement with your customers. We design and install innovative designs that reflect the brand identity of your company. We can help you choose the appropriate content to display or you could manage it on your own.

Wayfinding: Wayfinding signage is absolutely necessary in public spaces and act as guides to help visitors find the right area. These are commonly found in large buildings such as department stores, hospitals, banks, and museums.

These signs offer a number of applications but they are commonly used to help visitors find

  • Toilets
  • Lifts
  • Escalators
  • Telephones
  • Customer service centers
  • ATMs
  • Restaurants
  • Store exits

We offer a range of wayfinding signage systems that are both sleek and cost effective. We provide fully customised solutions that are designed to fit the needs of your organisation whether for a small or large scale project.

Digital Print: Digital prints are a great way to bring more life to your business. These can be used to display business information, a new line of products or even to highlight a special sale. Prints are sent directly to a printer from a digital file. The advantage is the fast turnaround times.

Using digital prints in combination with traditional signage techniques can add a more visual appeal to your business. We can design beautiful digital prints depending on your needs.

Illuminated Signs: Illuminated signs are an effective way to attract attention to your business and increase brand exposure. They also help customers locate your business even in the evening. These types of signs are commonly used to illuminate company names but can also be used for advertising purposes.

We ensure that illuminated signs are manufactured to meet quality standards and with optimal lighting output to reduce electrical costs. We constantly research and develop new products that allows us to deliver exceptional solutions.

These can even be installed with solar technology depending on your location. Our team can help identify whether your site is suitable.

Pylon Signage: Pylon signs are valuable assets that can be used to bring in more customers. We have worked with numerous corporate companies to deliver pylons within exact specifications and can do the same for you.

Our facilities allow us to employ creative designs and build effective pylon signage depending on your needs. Clients are welcome to visit our facilities in person to inspect any stage of production. Our pylon signs employ the latest illumination technologies.

Vehicle Vinyls: There is no shortage of effective marketing tactics that can be used to attract more customers to your business. One creative way to increase brand awareness is to use your company or personal vehicle as an advertising medium.

We can custom design vinyls for your vehicle to display your company logo and other details. This is essentially free advertising for your business as you drive around. Our vinyls can also be designed add a 3D element to your windows.

Window Graphics: Stores that are visually appealing are much more likely to appeal to potential customers. We offer innovative design solutions including window graphics that can be used to make your business much more inviting.

Whether you need frosted graphics or digital prints for one way vision, we can accommodate to your needs. Even simple designs can dramatically improve how your storefront looks.

Major Projects

At Kingman Visual, we work closely with you to deliver a product that meets your needs and exceeds expectations. From the initial consultation to the final installations of your branded assets, we help you every step of the way.

Our comprehensive range of products and services include complete interior fit-out solutions, signage consultancy, brand management, sign installations, and even regular maintenance on all completed projects for your business.

We make the process as transparent as possible and we even assign a dedicated Project Manager to ensure every step is completed to high standards.

We have already helped a countless number of our clients with their branding needs and can help transform yours. We take pride in our impressive track record and our attention to detail. It is this commitment to high levels of service that distinguishes us from the rest.

Our attention to detail from manufacturing to project management is unmatched in the industry. Contact us today for more details about our range of signage products and the branding solutions we can provide for your business.