The Genesis is our answer to intelligent and fast EV charging in public or workplace locations.


The Genesis fast AC EV charger suitable for the workplace, office and any commercial location – available in single or dual 7kW, 22kW or 43kW options.


Its sleek, aesthetic and minimalistic ‘totem’ design is just 1.5m high and a total footprint smaller than a couple of A4 sheets of paper with a standby power consumption of just 2W. It comes complete with a 5” LCD user interface to display real-time information about the charge status of connected EVs.


The RFID card-reader can control access to the charger and monitor usage, it is also available with the optional Nayax contactless payment module which allows app-free charging to users outside of your organisation.


As with all Kingman EV charging solutions, the Genesis is OCPP compliant which allows secure and real-time communications with our unique Kingman Cloud management platform via a wired network or 4G data connection. Kingman Cloud is a complete EV charging network management facility allowing real-time monitoring of your entire network. It monitors current and peak usage as well as revenues of individual chargepoint locations and your entire network.


Although the single output 7kW version can run from a standard domestic 240v single-phase electrical supply a 400v three-phase supply, which can be found in larger industrial premises and office blocks, can power the Genesis to deliver dual 22kW or 43kW charging power (for vehicles which can accommodate the higher AC input).


The Genesis has built-in safety functions which can shut down the charger if it detects input under voltage, input over-voltage, output short-circuit, output over-voltage, output overcurrent, battery reverse connection, insulation detection, communication failure, etc. Additionally, there is a failsafe emergency stop button fitted to all Kingman EV chargers which can be manually operated in the event of a failure.


The Genesis is designed from scratch to be a highly efficient and reliable EV charging solution with very low maintenance overheads, very low 2W standby power use and flexible expansion potential for those looking to grow an EV network.


Kingman EVC Cloud management

PEN protection

Kingman EVC Cloud analytics

RFID control

43kW output

Auto updates via Kingman EVC Cloud


Dual charging cables

400v three-phase

Commercial or public use

AC charging

Wired ethernet

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