The Goliath Rapid DC Charger has been designed to distribute even and rapid charge to three electric vehicles simultaneously.


The Goliath can be fully integrated with our unique Kingman Cloud online network management facility to offer a robust yet flexible and low maintenance EV charging solution for most commercial and public locations.


The Goliath Rapid DC Charger has been designed to distribute load-balanced and rapid charging to three electric vehicles simultaneously.


Fitted with a 5” touch-screen display, RFID card reader to control and monitor access, and our optional Nayax contactless payment module it offers the widest possible opportunities from ring-fenced workplace charging or open, chargeable, public access charging to fully maximise faster return on investment.


Available in a base unit output of 82kW, the Goliath has a truly innovative next-generation, internal modular hardware design allowing the potential charge power can be increased in increments of 30kW up to a maximum 202kW using our technology.


Also, as our Kingman Cloud network management facility can manage and monitor the usage of any Kingman EV chargers in real-time, including generating reports on peak and total usage, the owner of a Goliath EV charging installation can easily make use of the modular power functionality to future proof their investment by easily and quickly increasing or decreasing the power output to cater for specific local demand.


The Goliath Rapid DC Charger is fitted with the latest in air cooled charging gun technology and can be equipped with triple CCS2/CHAdeMO/ Type 2 connectors or a mix of all three.


For safety the Goliath has built-in safety functions which can shut down the charger if it detects input under voltage, input overvoltage, output short-circuit, output overvoltage, output overcurrent, battery reverse connection, insulation detection, communication failure, etc. Additionally, there is a failsafe emergency stop button fitted to all Kingman EV chargers which can be manually operated in the event of a failure.


DC Charging

Triple charging cables

Kingman Cloud Analytics

Commercial or Public use

700v three-phase

Kingman EVC Cloud management

Wired ethernet

Up to 202kW output

RFID control

UV protection

Type 2
charging cables

Optional Nayax Onyx payment module

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