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    Digital Signage Software, or Content Management System as it is more commonly known as, refers to a system used to manage the content of a digital sign or network of signs. This could be to a stand alone system, or a network throughout the country.

    It is important that the choice of software is made by software capabilities over price.  This is why we offer many options to our clients to suit the objectives they are trying to achieve with their digital signage investment. Our latest installation at Perth Arena uses 3 different softwares which are working together to complete all the objectives the client was looking for. This is a high end project but one that has worked because a holistic approach during planning was taken which has resulted in a seamless integration and installation for the client. Click here to read more on this project

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    At Kingman, we understand each client has a different set of needs, and budget,  and as a result we offer several systems to suit. We are constantly testing and reviewing new software packages to ensure we can supply an integrated solution to suit your business and output requirements

    Many factors need to be considered when choosing the right software which is why we suggest meeting with our sales team and digital specialists so we can get a holistic understanding and make recommendations to suit your budget and your needs. We explain the frequently asked questions for digital signage here.

    Click here to see the many digital screens we have installed not only across Perth but also the rest of Australia.