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Kingman Covid Management Policy – ‘CMP’ – February 2022

Kingman has introduced an updated CMP to address the potential risks around the virus and how it may affect our staff, customers and suppliers. Our overriding objective is to keep our staff safe and healthy and continue to provide an excellent service to our customers. This policy will be updated as Public Health advice changes.


We do acknowledge that the virus could create interruptions to our business which may impact production and delivery times of our products. Our CMP is designed to minimise these disruptions and our ability to meet deadlines and customer expectations.


Most importantly our Installation crews are now fully vaccinated and will carry proof of vaccination with them to all sites. Signs can also be installed after working hours and on weekends upon request by customers, to minimise contact.


We will continue to update our customers and suppliers on our production capacity.

Here are some relevant extracts from our policy to be implemented once the borders re-open

Communications – Video calls will be the go to medium for customer meetings as well as internal meetings. Kingman runs an SMS Broadcast service for timely communications of urgent information to all our staff. All staff are also on Microsoft Teams which is used for general comms.


Work from home – all office staff will be encouraged to work from home and attend daily video meetings with line Managers.


Supply chain – we have increased our stockholding by 200% over the past 3 months in anticipation of disruption to our supply chain. All our local suppliers have been informed that delivery personnel to our premises must be fully vaccinated.


The Team at Kingman are committed to follow a responsible CMP and look forward to minimal disruptions in providing a premium sign manufacturing service to our valued customers.

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